Will I Make A Good Mom?


One of the biggest insecurities I fought off during my pregnancy was the question, “Will I Make A Good Mom?” If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably wondered the very same thing…

Am I capable of taking care of a baby? Will I be adequate as a mother? Will I bond with my baby? Can I love my baby like all those sweet quotes said I would? Do I measure up to all the watching eyes?

These questions aren’t easy. They’re part of the journey, and they’re valid. Want to know why?

Because you already love your baby enough to care about the type of parenting he will receive.

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You’re already tapping into that protective instinct. You want your baby to have the best care and nurturing possible, so you’re willing to wonder if you’re able to provide that. Look at you! Just think about that, and then smile and breathe.

You are enough.

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You’ve got what it takes to be the mother your child needs.

Will I Make A Good, Imperfect Mom?

Does this mean you’ll be the perfect mother? Nope. While we may strive for perfection, we’ll never reach it, so allow yourself to be confident that you’re doing your best.

To boost my confidence after an onslaught of self-doubt, I’d just think about the baby I was carrying. I’d imagine holding him in my arms and cuddling him close, imagine taking care of him and watching over him as he drifted off to sleep.

The overwhelming love I felt for the baby I had yet to meet answered my questions and curbed my doubts.

I loved my baby so much that I was going to be what he needed me to be. If there was a part of me that I felt wasn’t ready, I’d stop and evaluate.

Where was this insecurity coming from? Was it a true question of my ability, or was it coming from an outside source?

If it was a sincere question of my ability in area or another, I’d research what I needed to research and talk to experienced moms until I felt confident and ready.

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Don’t Allow Outside Influences to Mess with Your Head

On the other hand, if it came from outside pressures by others, I let it go and worked at allowing my influence to come from the inside, not from the outside.

I had to develop that confidence, so that I felt strong and ready to be the mom my baby needed me to be.

If this is you, understand one thing. Know that you are searching for answers because you love your baby. You are questioning your abilities as a protective action to make sure your baby is safe with you. You’re evaluating yourself, wanting to ensure you can be what it takes.

That shows just what an incredible mama you already are.

You’re thinking, feeling, and acting like a mama. No one can carry your child like you can, can birth your baby like you can. No one can be the mother you will be.

You’re irreplaceable to your little.

Will I Make A Good Mom?

Yes! You are already a good Mom!

You have so got this, Mama. You’re becoming fearless.

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