Why I Chose the Halo Bassinest

Halo Bassinet Swivel Essentia Series

Of all baby items, the bassinet was one of the most important items in my opinion. I wanted something safe and sturdy, yet super convenient and easy to use. That’s why I chose the Halo Bassinest.

I had the help of my baby-experienced mother on this one. She was the one who actually found the Halo Bassinest for me.

When the box arrived, our first impression was one word: HEAVY.

This bassinet is a cute, neutral-toned sleeper that sits on a no-nonsense, metal frame that will not budge…and it’s a beast when it comes in contact with your toes–just to warn you in advance.

But the benefit of a heavy frame is very obvious, and has been proven over and over again through our fast growing, wiggly little boy. No matter how excited Kai got or how much he moved around, the Halo Bassinest stayed firm and safe.

Why I Chose The Halo Bassinest: Features

There are some other nice features that we grew to appreciate as well. First, the Bassinest swivels fluidly over the bed right up to you.

When I came home from the hospital and laid down for the night, I cannot tell you how nice it was to simply sit up and pull the Bassinest right up to me… which leads into the next great thing.

One side of the bassinest can be set to collapse downward when you press on it, making it so easy to lift your baby out. This is my favorite feature of the Bassinest.

As Baby Kai quickly grew and gained weight, the collapsible side alleviated excess strain on my arms, wrists and shoulders when I lifted him out.

Don’t worry–this feature can also be disabled so that the walls are locked as the baby gets older.

Why I chose the Halo Bassinest
Baby Kai loved his Halo Bassinest

The height of the Halo Bassinest is adjustable, making it compatible to your bed. The sides of the bassinet are mesh as well, which allows baby to see out and you to see in and provides ample airflow.

Some Other Things You Should Know About the Halo Bassinest

The base of the Halo Swivel has four legs that go straight out, or toe-killers as my husband calls them.

That nickname is explanation enough. I decided I was willing to sacrifice my toes for the stability the base provided, but keep in mind that you’ll need to watch out when you walk around the bassinet.

Next, when we say heavy, we mean heavy. Basically, you’ll most likely decide where you want to place the bassinet, and that is exactly where it will stay until you are ready to move it out of the house entirely.

Kai has just started sleeping in his crib, and at the thought of moving the thing I’m thinking, “I’m planning on having another baby, eventually. Maybe I’ll just keep it here for now…”

Overall Review of the Halo

Clip-On Basket Attachment

Overall, the Halo Bassinest has been a happy addition and something we were glad to have around.

You can also purchase some convenient attachments, like a clip-on basket that holds extra necessities, (I wore that out) and a mattress pad.

If you had to choose between the basket and the mattress pad, go with the basket.

One thing about it, the quality of the Halo speaks for itself. Baby Kai used it for six months and it’s in great condition to be used again in the future.

Why I chose the Halo Bassinest
Minimal wear after 6 months of use
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