Top 10 Ways To Take 2020 Like A Boss


It’s a new year. Oh, yeah… and a new decade, too. If ever there was a time for some motivation, it’s now. We’ve all had our share of resolutions, new plans, diets, dreams, whatever else. But what if we changed our thinking just a bit? What if we fine-tuned how we view this next decade, this new beginning, and totally crushed it? Well, you, my friend, came to the right place. We’re going to take on the top 10 ways to take 2020 like a boss.

Let’s so do this.

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Top 10 Ways to Take 2020 Like A Boss

“A No. 2 pencil and a dream can take you anywhere.”

Joyce Meyer

1: Plan

Let’s kick this off with the one thing you need more than anything. If you’re one that starts of the new year with a hoot and holler and then just let the days happen as they come without any sort of plan, this message is for you, my friend! On the other hand, if you’re one who starts January 1 with a binder-length list of all the incredible feats you’re going to accomplish, broken down into segments and bullets and unending to-do’s, well, this message is also for you.

Just stop. Seriously.

The beauty of a plan is its balance. But that’s not all. The foundation of the plan is the dream.

So what’s your dream?

Whatever it is, write it down. The moment it hits paper, it becomes a goal. Now, turn that goal into a plan.

Nothing will spark motivation in you like watching your dream formulate in front of your eyes on a piece of paper. Go to that restaurant. Order that cup of coffee and favorite dessert. Open that notebook. Write that dream. Then let it burn in you. Turn that dream into a plan, and feel that rush of something beautiful about to happen.

You’re off to an incredible start.

2: Take Responsibility

One of the top 10 ways to take 2020 like a boss is to take some control. It’s way too easy to push off our lack of accomplishments or feelings of failure onto excuses that take away our sense of control… “I just didn’t have the time”… “nobody was willing to help me”… “It’s just too hard.”

Yes, it’s hard, and it’s not likely to get easier. But here’s the deal. Do you want it or not? How badly to do you want to see that dream-turned-plan become a thing? There’s something powerful you need to know.

You can take responsibility for your dreams and goals. Which means you’ve got the power to do something about it.

  • Get rid of the excuses
  • Look yourself in the eye every day & remind yourself who’s in charge
  • When those old crutches and complaints come knocking, bust out that coffee-stained page where your wrote down your dreams
Top 10 ways to take 2020 like a boss

When it comes to accomplishing our goals, we become our own worst enemy. It’s just the tendency of our human nature. But taking that responsibility, we become our own best friend.

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3: Consistency

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. ”


How many times have you started your year determined to make changes, only to find that by February the determination and excitement has fizzled back into your old, mundane habits?

We’ve all done it.

The power in true change is going to come by our determination to break that cycle and create good habits that bring us toward our goals. Period. There’s no other way around it.

Creating healthy habits and sticking by them builds discipline. Discipline gets stronger the more we use it. Discipline also creates consistency. These good habits are what will push someone forward, driving them toward their goals.

4: Honesty

Ouch. This one hurts. Of all the top 10 ways to take 2020 like a boss, this one is the one that jabs at us and leaves us feeling a bit bruised. For good reason. There really is no reason to attempt moving forward until we can be painfully honest with ourselves.

What is causing the lack of accomplishment in our lives? Is it:

  • Lack of goals?
  • Lack of discipline?
  • Fear of failure?
  • Insecurity?
  • Fear of rejection?
  • Self-doubt?
  • Feeling unworthy?

The list could go on for days. Somewhere in that list lies the answer to the problem we often have with ourselves.

It’s time to have a talk, and invite honesty to take over.

Honesty is like a surgeon. It hurts, but it’s necessary for healing and to get better. Whatever goals you’re struggling to achieve, let honesty crash in and rearrange your thinking. Allow yourself the courage to hear what honesty is saying. That’s when you can heal, when you can overcome whatever barrier is holding you back.

Then crush it.

5: Stewardship

Well… it kinda goes without saying… if we can’t be trusted with the little bit we’ve got now, what makes us think we can handle any more? This can be applied to just about anything, be it finances, responsibility, leadership, etc.

I want to motivate you to be the best steward with what you’ve got now. Make the best possible choices you can, build those disciplines, so that as you work to achieve your goals, you’ve created good habits to keep them.

Oftentimes, especially in matters of finance, we think the problem is the amount we have at the moment. If we’re super honest, though, we could probably break it all down and realize it’s more about how we’re handling what we’ve already got.

You can be a broke millionaire.

We’ve all read about them. It’s a shock, but it happens. Learning good stewardship with the amount you have now is crucial to helping you develop the habits you need to manage much more.

6: Purpose

So, why exactly do you want to make more money? Why do you want to start that business, or strive for that job promotion?

Are your motives purely for personal gain, or is there something deeper that’s driving you? Reaching for success is so important–and healthy! But let’s be honest. Is personal gain the ultimate goal?

Dave Ramsey, one of my favorite finance gurus ever, says this:

“Live like no one else today so that you can live and give like no one else tomorrow.”

While personal gain and growth is mighty awesome, we should be careful that we aren’t stopping there. As human beings, it’s important to feel like we have purpose, potential and passion. Finding that purpose will:

  • Keep us focused on positive reasons for achieving our goals
  • Motivate us to press on for the right reasons
  • Give us something to fight for
  • Keep us from selfish desires and habits that can only harm us down the road
  • Remind us of what’s truly important

Find your purpose, tap into your potential, and then unleash that passion.

7: Generosity

We can work toward personal gain all we want, but that doesn’t mean we’ll achieve happiness, and that can be incredibly discouraging. If everything is always about us, and our goals never stretch beyond ourselves, no wonder we lose that drive and fizzle out!

Tapping into a sense of generosity and giving is one of happiest places you can find yourself. Think about it: What’s more fun? Receiving a gift, or watching someone else tear open a gift you got them?

Yeah, let’s be honest. Sometimes it’s more fun to be the one receiving. But there is no denying that amazing feeling of giving. That doesn’t always mean giving money, either. We can give of our time, or our knowledge. We can give of what we have in what way we can, and watch the beautiful things that transpire, simply because we cared, and took the time.

8: Gratefulness

Well this one is a biggie. The best way to appreciate where you’re going is to be grateful with what you’ve got now. Sure, you might have that extra weight to lose, but you’ve awakened to see another day and have the opportunity to get started on it. You may not be making the money you want to right now, but you probably are getting by alright, and you can be grateful for what you’ve got at the moment.

Not that this means you’re satisfied with where you’re at.

It simply means you have the wisdom to appreciate where you’re starting from, to identify it and move up. Growing discontent and angry at life won’t help our passion or our potential. Staying grateful will keep us motivated… and much happier, too!

9: Growth

The key to the top 10 ways to take 2020 like a boss is to just keep growing. So what failed last year? What can you learn from it and how can you change it to do better this time?

We can all probably say that something didn’t go quite right last year, or last decade, and we can probably identify pretty well what that something is. Instead of avoiding it or trying to forget, why don’t we embrace the mistake, so that we can learn and go on?

Huh… food for thought. And you won’t gain any weight on that one.

10: Grit

Never, never, never give up.

Winston Churchill

Just. Don’t. Quit.

Accomplishing your goals may not be the easiest task you’ve taken on (it shouldn’t be), but if you quit, they become an impossibility.

It takes grit and determination. When life is coming at you and it feels like you’re fighting an uphill battle… well… you probably are. But you’re also building strength from the resistance. You can beat it.

You’ll be so much stronger for it, too.

So How Bout It?

What are some of your goals? Is to be a better parent? A new job? Starting that blog? Writing that book? Opening that business? Getting healthier or gaining more physical strength?

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Whatever you’re determined to accomplish in 2020 will take some work. But you’re already started on the right path.

Warning: You’re probably going to fall off the bandwagon a time or two. Your success will be determined by whichever wins: falling down or getting back up.

You can so do this. There’s no question on if you can. It’s all about it you just will.

Now that you’ve read Top 10 Ways To Take 2020 Like a Boss, get out that notebook and start catching those dreams!

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