The Ultimate Epic COVID Christmas Gift Guide


Okay, let’s face it. This year won’t be making the “favorites” list. Sorry, 2020, no offense, but I don’t think many of us will be sorry to see you go. Between a global pandemic and a crazy election, I’d say most of us are over it. That’s why this Christmas is the bright spot of the entire year. If you’re looking to add some extra love and laughter, you need this ultimate epic COVID Christmas gift guide.

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The Ultimate Epic COVID Christmas Gift Guide

The Ultimate Epic COVID Christmas Gift Guide

The Ultimate Epic COVID Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts to Avoid

Let’s start this list off by quickly going over some Christmas gifts that you might want to avoid this year. Based on what everyone’s been through, it’s safe to say a little extra sensitivity will go a long way.

Here’s a list of Christmas gifts that probably won’t be as loved during COVID:

  1. Political or news-based gifts: Stuff like magazines and articles, information that focuses on the informative and negative side of Coronavirus or politics… I think most people have had enough of that to last a lifetime.
  2. Things that cannot be used during social distancing: If you’re in a rush and need to get something quickly, it’s easy to forget this aspect of shopping. Not every gift out there can even be used right now. Things like travel sets or sports kits for large gatherings will probably go untouched for a bit.
  3. Clothing that may need to be returned: Unless you’re super sure of sizes and styles, you might want to avoid purchasing clothing that might need to be returned. The idea of returning anything amidst social distancing guidelines is enough to bring on a headache (especially if the person having to return it has small children)!
  4. COVID-Related items: Yeah, we get it. Hand sanitizer and masks are cool (just kidding). But as a Christmas gift? Meh… probably not. A COVID basket might sound cute, but honestly, who is going to enjoy opening that and all that it implies?
  5. Things that cost money to use: It’s a tough time financially for a lot of people. Try to avoid a gift that will cost money to use (i.e. a trip or airline tickets). The actual gift is awesome, but there are a lot of other, smaller costs that could be very hard on a lot of people this year (unless you want to cover those, too).

Need some extra ideas on celebrating Christmas during COVID? Get them here!

The Ultimate Epic COVID Christmas Gift Guide

Alright! Now that we’ve got those out of the way, let’s get some awesome ideas for Christmas that bring on some serious smiles!

1: Funny Gifts

If there’s one thing that can afford to be shared this year, it’s LAUGHTER. Any Christmas gift that brings chuckles is the epic gift of all time for 2020. Here are some ideas:

  • Funny T-shirt
  • Cheeky Coffee Mug
  • Funny Refrigerator Magnet
  • Silly Sayings, Jokes or Riddles
  • Silly Cards or Gifts That Do Tricks or Sing

Here are some funny ideas:

Grinchy mug, “2020 stink-stank-stunk”

Mini battery-operated, Inflatable tube guy.

Thoughts of Dog, 2021 calendar. Some sweet and silly insight on what fur-babies just might be thinking.

Heartwarming Gifts

After a year like 2020, anybody would appreciate being reminded just how much they’re loved and appreciated. A gift that says so is an awesome idea for Christmas.

Here are some ideas:

This photo customizable, heat changing mug is awesome! I received one as a gift and I fell in love with it! Yes, it works well!

A collection of letters written to Santa from kids over 100 years ago. How unique and cool? And so, totally sweet!?

A customizable wallet for the fellas in your life.

Family-Oriented Gifts

Now, more than ever, families are learning to recreate times of bonding and spending much more time together. Family-oriented gifts and activities will help so much to encourage that and include some positivity. What a great Christmas gift!

Here are some ideas:

Speaking from experience, this game is a BLAST! It’s a hit in our get-togethers.

A ready-made scavenger hunt that works well for both INDOORS and OUTDOORS.

Who hasn’t played this imaginary game as a kid? Well, now it’s time to make it come to life!

At-Home Activities and Fun

Fun and easy stuff for the family to do at home will definitely be an appreciated Christmas gift, since quarantine seems to be an ever-present thing hanging over our heads.

Here are some ideas:

A kitchen science experiment cookbook of edible inventions!

And adult activity book to get some screen-free relaxation in. Seriously, it is so healthy to “unplug” every now and then!

A fun family game that gets everyone up and moving… and laughing.

Ultimate Epic COVID Christmas Gift Guide

Financial Blessings

This one may not be an option for all, but if you are able and have the ability, financial Christmas blessings will certainly be appreciated this year!

It can feel awkward, for sure, if presented in an uncomfortable way. Instead, add humor and fun to the experience.

Here’s an article on 21 fun ways to give cash by BuzzFeed.

Boredom Busters

3 Things have been an unwelcome visitor to every household this year–COVID, elections, and BOREDOM! Help families fight off boredom with some fun and creative boredom busters for Christmas.

Here are some ideas:

A marble run kit to create cool tracks and experiment. Not only boredom busting, but oddly satisfying, too.

Magna-Tile set. Yeah, adults, I know you want this for YOU! I see you!

Seriously, the coolest jigsaw puzzle I’ve ever seen.

Gift Card Bundles

Want to help someone financially, but feel weird just giving them cash? A gift card bundle is a great way to bless someone and make it fun, too!

Pro-tip: Wrap each gift card individually in small boxes, then fill a large box with tissue and hide all the small boxes within the larger box of tissue. Make the unwrapping experience fun and silly for a little extra cheer.

Here are some ideas:

Positive and Encouraging Gifts

No one can deny that a little encouragement will be greatly appreciated these days. Gifts that are meant to uplift and strengthen will certainly be wonderful this Christmas.

Here are some ideas:

A sweet and positive décor sign.

Daily encouragement cards. These would make great coworker gifts!

Drop-Shipped Gifts

Social distancing can make gift-giving harder this year. Try getting creative by drop-shipping a gift this year.

Other good ideas are digital gifts and subscriptions.

Gifts from Locally Owned Shops

Your locally owned businesses will certainly appreciate your support right now! Who knows? Your business could be the turning point on their deciding to continue to fight or close the doors forever.

While I can’t link any specific businesses since they’re going to differ, here are some ideas for you to look into:

  • Bakeries for specialty breads and pastries
  • Hobby shops
  • Specialty meats and cheeses
  • Boutique clothing accessories (scarves, gloves, purses, hats)
  • Locally owned or created home décor items
  • Gift cards to locally owned shops
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