5 Basics You Need to Know When Starting A Blog


Hey, friends! Let’s talk about 5 Basics You Need to Know When Starting A Blog! Don’t let the title of this post fool you. These tips might be basics, but they can mean the difference between a working, thriving blog and a dead one.

It’s SO disheartening when you put so much effort into a blog and it sits there…stagnant. What’s the point of creating content if no one is going to see it?

I’ve spent an ample amount of time researching successful blogs. There are several tips that I learned and that are absolutely essential to have a successful blog.

So if you’re starting a blog, here are 5 basics you need to know right out of the gate.

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5 Basics You Need to Know When Starting A Blog

1. Edit Your Work

You may be writing a blog about chickens laying eggs, but rest assured, there is going to be another blog out there in cyberspace with the same topic. Which title do you think will receive more clicks?

5 Surprising Facts About Chickens –or– Chikens and Eggs FOr Dummies

Both posts may have the same content, but serious readers are going to look right past a title with misspellings and errors. The same holds true for the body of the post.

Pages full of errors lower your credibility of knowledge of the topic at hand.

Take the time to edit your work. Make sure it’s polished and complete. There are a ton of sites dedicated to helping you edit your work, and plenty of people out there are willing to help. Take advantage of those resources and make those posts pretty!

2. Write What You Know and Write It Well

So you’re an expert on chickens. That’s great. You know all there is to know about hens laying eggs. If your writing is sloppy and thrown together and your grammar stinks, you can forget about getting any engagement.

Get help from Grammarly.

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If you’re not particularly gifted in grammar, it’s time to call in some help. A paid site, a volunteer, your neighbor or the hip looking student at the coffee shop may be able to lend a hand. It’s worth the extra time and extra pairs of eyes.

Writing is most easily read when it’s direct and free of weak, useless words. No, you’re not writing a literary work of art but still, it’s got to be good to capture a reader’s interest.

That means it’s your time to shine. Make it count. Show your stuff.

Take my 1-hour writing course to up your writing content and improve your blog appearance in a big way.

3. Blog Appearance DOES Matter

One of the things I read from a surprising number of blogpreneurs is that blog appearance doesn’t matter as much as the content, so don’t waste time customizing your page.

Well, I guess if you’re reviewing electronics and posting a million photos of them, I can understand where the blog theme will sort of disappear due to the content.

However, most of us are writing posts that consist of words and phrases. Coloration, font and format is a big deal. When you’re starting a blog, one of the 5 basics you need to know is presentation of your post, along with photos and setup is going to play into the accessibility and visual attraction of your blog.

Starting A Blog? 5 Basics You Need to Know

If a reader is perusing your chicken blog post and a poorly placed widget about gardening tools starts blinking in their face, wave good-bye.

If your background is bright yellow, the writing is green, the links are purple, and your headings are orange, pairing it with a scroll-type font is going to be a bit much for a reader. They’ll move on.

Your blog appearance should reflect the flavor of your content.

If your intended audience is middle-aged farmers, they probably aren’t going to relate to a bedazzled screen with fluorescent accents.

Are your fonts easy to read? Is your theme relevant? How about your accents? Are they complimentary, or do they pose a distraction?

I experimented with a few different themes and found my page views diminished considerably while a certain theme was activated. I changed it to a simple design with bold coloration and sure enough, my page views increased.

Maybe it was coincidence. Maybe the price of gas had changed at that exact instant and I lost a bunch of readers. It’s hard to say, but I’m going to follow the numbers.

Starting A Blog? 5 Basics You Need to Know

Pay Attention to How Your Blog Looks On A Mobile Screen

This is huge. If your blog looks great on a computer, that’s awesome. But you have to stop and consider: when are most people going to be looking around Google, Facebook or Pinterest?

We don’t walk around with our laptops every day. What do we carry? Our phones. They’re practically growths on our hands.

Most of your viewers will be on their phone. Make sure your blog theme is compatible with smartphones and looks cohesive. I suggest that you personally preview your blog on your phone before you actively publish it.

Starting A Blog? 5 Basics You Need to Know

4. Write Catchy Titles

In one of my writing classes in college, we learned that book readers will read the first part of the first chapter and judge the rest of the book by the small portion they’ve read.

For readers, there is no such things as “hang with me here, I’m building a foundation.”

Sorry. You’ve got a matter of seconds to hook your reader and keep them reading. That means you’ve got to treat this thing like a rodeo and hit the arena mid-buck.

There’s no cantering into your writing, and it starts with the title.

There is an entire industry dedicated to making books look pretty to capture readers’ attention.

Thought must go into appearance and content from the get-go.

If you’re writing a blog about chickens, pay attention to your title. You’ll probably get more views with the title, “5 Surprising Facts About Chickens” than you will titling your post, “An Article About Chickens.”

5. Know Where To Find Your Audience and Invest There

Something else I’ve learned about blogging is that there are 15,000 different ways to increase blog traffic. There are equally as many sites and blogs proclaiming they have the perfect formula to explode your blog traffic.

After researching and making my own share of mistakes, I have learned that driving traffic to your blog does not have a one-size-fits-all formula.

Think about it. If your target audience is middle-aged farmers wanting information about chickens, you’re not going to find them in the same places you would find techno-buffs looking for the latest gadget.

Just saying…

I learned this personally. Mama Fearless is dedicated to expectant and first-time mommies and mompreneurs. I headed down a few roads to find blogging traffic and came up empty.

After some trial-and-error I learned that most of my traffic comes from Pinterest–hands down.

How I Got Over 4000 Pageviews My First Month Blogging

I channeled all of my efforts into building up a following on Pinterest and referring them to my blog. My Pinterest exposure went from 1000 viewers to over 45,000 viewers in a week. I’d struck pay dirt. You can find out how to get your blog noticed by Pinterest here.

If your blog is targeting oil rig workers, you may want to consider a different method as your primary source of traffic. I would definitely recommend using Pinterest no matter what your blog represents, as it is an incredible resource and you’ll almost certainly get traffic from there if managed properly.

You’ll save yourself some serous time and energy if you research the genre of your content, find where your audience hangs out and target there.

5 Basics You Need to Know When Starting A Blog

I know when you research “successful blogging” you get tips about SEO, promotions and other marketing strategies. It’s all great stuff and blogging can be a great way to earn an income.

Word to the Wise: Start doing laps in the pool before you take on the sea.

Start where it counts: your blog. Make your blog look and sound good. Make it catchy and efficient. Once you have the blogging basics down, you can move on to step 2: increasing your traffic and using it to your gain.

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