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In this article we are going to take a look at how the latest Mama Fearless book was born. Thank you for all your support and encouragement on this journey! Your many responses to this book have been such a great encouragement to me personally. It’s been so much fun hearing what part of the book has spoken to you. I especially love hearing the unique things each of you have gleaned from SWAYW.

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3 Fun Facts About SWAYW

Here are some fun facts about the book itself, the audience, and the inspiration! It just might surprise you!

#1: Sister, What Are You Wearing? Has NOTHING To Do with Pregnancy!

All of my work, up to this point, has been pregnancy and motherhood-related. It’s a burning passion to reach out and encourage moms everywhere, particularly first-time mamas, that they are totally capable of being everything their babies need.

Sister, What Are You Wearing? is something new. This Christian-based book was written as a spiritual guide for girls and women seeking to honor God in spirit and attitude, in any part of life. It does not introduce new concepts, but simply puts creative imagery to Biblical principles that have been around for ages. SWAYW takes attitudes that are “ugly” and gives them a name and a physical look. Once that ugly attitude has been adequately named for the unattractive mess that it is, we take a look at some pretty replacements.

Sister, What Are You Wearing? examines attitudes found in the heart and spirit of a girl, common things like Pettiness, Insecurity, Anger, and gives it an easily associated fashion image. It encourages the reader to replace their “ugly dress” for a pretty one, shining bright with the love of Jesus, all in fun and humor and, of course, fashion!

Check it out here!

#2: This Project Wasn’t Even Touched for Over A Year!

My son had just been born. I was in the throes of writing Simply Mama Fearless with a vengeance while his days were spent sleeping and I was still in the healing process. Using journal entries and snippets I’d written along the way, I was typing furiously. I knew I only had so much time to finish that project before things got busy.

It was at that time that I felt the inspiration for this new book. It hit me like a ton of bricks. How frustrating! Here I was with an infant, about to take on the biggest learning curve of my entire life, and I felt a call for a brand new project. So not cool!

I prayed about it. I told God this exactly: “Lord, if You really want me to write this, then You’ll have to keep this inspiration on me for a while. It will be a long time before I can get started on it. If this is what you want for me, then help me stay inspired about it until it’s humanly possible to write this.”

Well, God stuck to His end of the deal, and I upheld mine. I was quickly involved in learning all about being a mommy, so the book idea had to be put on hold for awhile. But, after over a year, the inspiration was still there, and it grew stronger than ever. With my son in a basic routine, I knew it was time to get started.

If you’ve ever had small children, you know how slowly they eat! Breakfast, especially, is the time for some serious daydreaming. It was during those times, after my husband left for work and Kai sat, munching and staring out the window, that I sat at the kitchen table with my coffee and worked on SWAYW. I managed a little extra writing time during his naps and during the days he spent time with his grandparents, between loads of laundry and other responsibilities.

With God’s help it came together.

#3: Sister, What Are You Wearing Was No Easy Task!

Okay, I’m about to spill some trade secrets here! Anyone who’s studied up about writing non-fiction knows that you’re considered an authority on the subject you write about. Well, if you’ve read Sister, What Are You Wearing, you’d soon see that to be an “authority” on that subject is like claiming perfection.

Yeah, well, I’m not perfect. Not even close.

So, no. I don’t claim to be an authority. All I did was follow what I felt God laid on my heart. I prayed before every single chapter, making sure the chosen “dresses” were the right ones. I wrote as I felt God inspired me. Concepts had to match Scripture. I was careful not to add any sort of new idea. I simply wanted to creatively share already-known Biblical facts in a fun way.

Then, it was time to revise. I’ll be transparent. I spent the entire editing process wiping tears. “God? You really want me to write this?” I kept asking. “I am so inadequate!” There were parts of me I could literally see in almost every single ugly dress! And here I was, writing non-fiction about it!

Trust me when I say, ladies, that I spent the entire project in a repentant and reflective state. Ever since this book, I find myself saying, “No, I’m not wearing that dress today!” This was just as much for me as I hope it is for you.

In no way do I want to present that I have it all together. In fact, if someone claims to have their wardrobe all perfectly in order, you might want to look out. They’re probably wearing the sneaky Dishonesty Dress (it’s in the book). We’re all on this journey together, and we’re here to help each other along the way.

That’s what Sister, What Are You Wearing was created to do. Starting with me.

So there you have it!

Now you know what’s behind this new book. If you’re expecting, or already a mother, or just a girl taking on the big wide world, this book is for you! You may already be a mastermind at the Fruits of the Spirit, but even if you are, there are some fun reminders in there that I’m sure you’ll find helpful!

Now, try not to put on your Pettiness Dress and buy this book with the idea that, “Sister Sally really needs to read this!” While I recommend sharing this book with the intention of helping one another grow, let’s not be giving each other the side-eye or a shoulder bump as we hand this book to someone. We all have things to work on!

Most importantly, have fun! This book explores serious concepts in a not-so-serious tone, and that’s okay. We don’t have to always be so serious about our imperfections and what we’re wearing. We can laugh at ourselves… as we go home and change. It’s all okay!

Dress pretty, Sister, and shine for Jesus!

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