My Pregnancy Journey: The Second One is Different!


Thanks for following my 2nd pregnancy journey! I hope you find encouragement, inspiration and some helpful advice as we learn from Baby J2! Enjoy the third installment of My Pregnancy Journey: The Second One is Different!

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My Pregnancy Journey: The Second One is Different!

Bring on the Symptoms

Morning Sickness

It was August. My first OB appointment was in July, and it was rather boring. Not much to report. Everything seemed fine. Tired but okay. Able to eat, taking my prenatal. I wasn’t sick or even a little nauseated.

Those last words would ring in my head for the next several weeks.

My Pregnancy Journey: The Second One Is Different!

During my first pregnancy, morning sickness hit around week 8 and lasted through week 11. The bouts would hit quickly, and I’d eventually throw up… almost every single time.

I learned that was actually a good thing. At least I was able to get relief afterward. Once I survived week 11, the morning sickness vanished as quickly as it came.

But the second pregnancy was quite different. I started getting queasy around week 7, but it was manageable.

By week 8 I was miserable. I’d wake up nauseated, get through my morning, nauseated, and then endure the entire rest of the day nauseated.

I didn’t vomit a single time, and I discovered this was not a good thing. There was no relief. It was constant nausea.

To add to my challenge, I had an energetic 1-year-old that still needed my full-time care. Regardless of how I felt, there was no “disappearing”.

The nausea persisted, all day, every day, until nearly week 14. It was slow -going, with no relief throughout the day, so those 8-9 weeks felt like an eternity.


I was blessed to not be working a busy, full-time job this time around, which certainly helped.

However, I did have a 1-year-old to care for, his world rapidly opening up around him, every drawer and cabinet a new venture of exploration.

The exhaustion with this second pregnancy is much different than with the first. This exhaustion is a deeper, more profound type of exhaustion. Naps do help, when possible, and so does my single, daily cup of coffee.

The remedy to exhaustion is rest– which, for me, is quite laughable. Instead, I find myself getting through the days, pacing myself and setting daily goals. X amount of chores, prioritized by importance. Making sure my family is fed and my child is clean rates at the top.

It’s Just Plain Different

They say that every pregnancy is different, and so far, I’ve found this to be true. The way my body has responded to this pregnancy has been a totally new experience.

While this pregnancy has been on the uneventful side of the spectrum, I have still learned a lot through this experience.

In a sense, my body doesn’t seem to need as much “adjusting” to Baby J2, since it’s already been through this, not too long ago. My mind feels more at ease, which is refreshing.

There is far less pressure to adapt, and while I’m still learning, it doesn’t feel like a crash course.

I’ve also found that Baby J2 moves even less than Kai did! Kai was very laid back during pregnancy, only kicking at the nurses and the OB when they pushed on my tummy. I enjoyed movements, but much less than the average pregnancy in frequency and intensity.

Baby J2 moves hardly at all. I’m greeted each morning with some small movements, and then that’s all I feel pretty much for the rest of the day.

Helpful Tips

If I could share what I’ve learned, I’d have to say that when it comes to a second pregnancy, relax and be prepared for anything.

The second experience feels less stressful and much more familiar, but it’s still very different and requires gentle adaptation all the way through.

The biggest change is, hands down, caring for a little one who is growing and learning. It can be challenging to maintain a consistent routine of care despite morning sickness, exhaustion, and the normal little quirky things that go along with pregnancy.

If there is anything I could recommend from experiencing the first trimester, it would be these few tips:

10 Second Pregnancy Differences

Survival Tips for the First Trimester of Pregnancy #2

1. Try and get rest when you can. When Baby naps, if it’s possible, take a nap too!

2. Don’t feel guilty taking a break. If and when you have the opportunity, let someone watch your baby so you can get some rest and some time to take care of yourself.

3. Don’t try to be Superwoman. You already are! When it comes to chores, responsibilities, and tasks, just do what you reasonably can, and stay at it each day. Don’t over-exhaust yourself. You’ll seriously regret it later.

4. MOST IMPORTANT. You only have months left to be a mommy to a single child. It’s very likely your little one can feel the impending changes. Don’t forget to take some special time to bond with your baby and create that last bit of memories of life as you know it.

Thank you for reading My Pregnancy Journey: The Second One is Different! I hope what I’ve learned so far has helped you a little, too! Stay encouraged, mamas!

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