How to Grow A Powerful Blog

How To Grow A Powerful Blog

Hey there! So, you’ve got this blog, and it’s doing anywhere from not so hot to just alright. Maybe it’s getting decent traffic, but it’s still not bringing in enough to earn any real income. Welcome to the famous “blogger’s plateau!” It’s that horrible place you reach after you’ve created a blog but where you’ve not quite broken through. It’s awful, I know! I’m going to show you how to bust out of that and grow a powerful, profitable blog. 

If you're working to make money blogging and grow your blog to a full-time income, then this is for you! Everything you need to know about exploding your blog into a powerful, successful income. #successfulblogging #bloggingtips #bloggingtipsforbeginners #startablog

Are You Stuck At A Couple Hundred Daily Pageviews?

I know how it feels to get stuck at anywhere between 200-500 daily blog views. It’s like a never-ending nightmare that you can’t break free from.


huge majority of bloggers get stuck right there and never go any further. 


One reason is because they can’t figure out how to break through that ceiling, and the other reason is because they get frustrated and give up.


Just about a year ago, that was me. I thought I’d never get out of that rut, and I came so close to calling it quits.


I am so glad I didn’t!


Just when I thought it was impossible, I busted out. What happened after that was nothing short of an explosion with my blog.

How To Grow A Powerful Blog

How I Learned the Steps to Grow A Powerful Blog

At first, I was in a bit of shock. Did that just really happen? But facts can’t lie. It was true. It’s still true.


Here’s the amazing part: once your blog breaks out of that rut, it begins to snowball into greater and greater success.


So, why is everyone stuck?


Well, there are a few key factors in creating the perfect storm that causes a blogging breakthrough.


First, you have to create a very strong and recognizable presence. Your blog can’t grow if you don’t make it easy for the world to remember you.


Second, successful blogging requires a combination of steps that you have to do routinely.


These are things you have to do all the time, over and over.


Honestly? A lot of people are a bit lazy about blogging and think doing a little here and there will work.


News Flash: That is not the case.


I’d be doing you a disservice if I let you believe that.

Blog Traffic Is A Really Big Deal In Order To Grow A Powerful Blog

Despite what you may have ever heard about monetizing your blog without blog traffic, you need to know that blog traffic is crucial to growing a powerful blog.


You can’t monetize by yourself. You have to have readers in order to have the opportunity to earn an income with your blog.

If you're working to make money blogging and grow your blog to a full-time income, then this is for you! Everything you need to know about exploding your blog into a powerful, successful income. #successfulblogging #bloggingtips #bloggingtipsforbeginners #startablog

You Need to Know Where and How to Get More Blog Traffic

Traffic is important for any sort of success. Okay, so now you know that, but now what?


What’s next?


You need to be able to get that traffic to your blog! Pinterest is the fastest and easiest way to do that.


That means you need to be able to use Pinterest to get more blog traffic. You need to be able to create good pins, and you need a strong Pinterest strategy.

Keep Your Blog Traffic Once You Get It

Before you set off on a tangent creating an epic Pinterest strategy, you need to make sure your content is worth reading.


Don’t expect to be able to grow a powerful blog with lots of traffic and conversions if your content isn’t all that great.


Before you ever publish your pages and posts, you need to make sure you’ve gone back over everything. Your content should be:

  • -Search engine optimized
  • -Well written and engaging
  • -Clear and relevant (it solves your reader’s problem)
  • -Well edited and free of mistakes (forget having any believability if you can’t fix basic errors)
  • -Well formatted to keep your reader interested (plenty of white space on your page and no large bodies of text)

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