How To Explode Your Blog Traffic with Pinterest

Hey bloggers! If you’re waiting for the right time to maximize your blog traffic with Pinterest, don’t wait a second longer. Pinterest has been the blogger’s bread and butter for a long time now. But hey! Don’t worry–if you’re just joining in or catching up there are some amazing (and pretty easy) ways to get your blog noticed by Pinterest in 2021.


I’m going to break it down into 5 simple parts for you. Each part is equally important so be sure and stick around.


The secret on how to get your blog noticed by Pinterest in 2021 is to not capitalize on one part or another–but combine all the parts together and create the perfect storm.


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Let’s do this!


How To Get Your Blog Noticed By Pinterest In 2021


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How to get your blog noticed by Pinterest in 2021

1: Fresh Content


This is number one because Pinterest has made a big push in 2021 for fresh content.


F-R-E-S-H Content.


What is considered fresh content?


Fresh content generally means publishing something that hasn’t been published before. For Pinerest, this means that your pins are created with new images and graphics that have not been shared to Pinterest before.


This also means creating fresh content on your blog or website. Still have that coffee-stained list of blog post ideas? It’s time to get it back out and start working on it.


You can up-cycle your older content with brand new pins too.


Remember, though, that even if you’re using old content, your pins need to have brand new images that Pinterest has never seen before.


Pinterest wants a face lift. They’ve made it really clear that the new, fresh stuff is what will make the algorithm happy and that means you get more exposure.


More exposure means more clicks, which translates into page views.


Which leads us to point 2.


2: Consistent Content


Pinterest has shared a valuable tip with us and that is consistent pinners get more algorithm love.


Creating one good pin for your post and pinning it one time is like trying to fill a swimming pool with a serving spoon.


Yes, you’ll get few results, but it’s a total waste of time and effort spent on your blog or website.


You need several fresh pins for one post at least, and you need to keep it alive by consistently pinning.


Every day. Several times a day.


And who’s got time for that, right?


If you’re a mompreneur like me, you know it’s already crazy finding time to run a small business with littles. Taking time to pin all those pins every day?


No, thanks.


That’s why you need Tailwind.


If you’re an experienced blogger then you already know: Good bloggers use Pinterest, and good pinners use Tailwind.


If you’re a new blogger, now you know, too.


That formula is vital to maintaining consistent traffic to your blog. It schedules and pins your Pinterest pins for you.


With Tailwind you can literally schedule a week’s worth (or more) of pins in one sitting so you can focus on other things.


You can also “PowerUp” to their smart loops feature which pins all your best content at the optimal times so you get the best results per pin. You can also join (and create) communities to help others share your content for you.


Tailwind is totally free to try out with up to 100 free scheduled pins (which is plenty of time to see if you like how it works).


Side note for influencers and microinfluencers: you can use Tailwind as a separate subscription for your Instagram posts as well.


Tailwind is massively helpful to bloggers because it’s a Pinterest (and Instagram) partner and routinely updates its users on best practices with the most up to date tools and resources.


They look out for us bloggers, too, by letting us in on all of Pinterest’s little secrets.


3: Good Content


Okay, so you have these new, beautiful pins that link to your blog. That’s great!


But what happens after people click on those pins? Where does it take them and what will they find?


This is where your hard work needs to show.


Yes, the Pinterest and Tailwind part is easy (they pretty much give you the answers to the test beforehand) but that doesn’t mean you can get lazy with your content.


If people don’t like where the Pinterest pin took them, they bounce.


If they do like where the pin took them, they turn into a “reader” and then to a “visitor” and, hopefully a “subscriber!”


Back to the not-so-great part. If they don’t like your content and bounce, Pinterest isn’t going to continue showcasing your pins.


When you look good, Pinterest looks good. If not, Pinterest parts ways.


Keep that in mind, friend.


Plan out your content and make sure you’re actually writing something worth reading.


How to get your blog noticed by Pinterest in 2021


4: Thorough Content


So you know 3 of the crucial points when it comes to how to get your blog noticed by Pinterest in 2020. First, keep it fresh and consistent. Second, keep it good. Don’t be lazy.


When you’re writing your good content, you need to make sure it’s thorough.


Your Pinterest pin is going to make a claim or a promise, and your content had better deliver.


It is so important to make sure you’re providing content that fulfills your readers’ expectations.


Don’t make a liar out of Pinterest or your blog. You’re worth more than that.


5: Polished Content




Keep it clean. No misspellings, grammatical errors, or weird blunders. There’s enough help out there to make sure your post looks good.


When you’re creating a Pinterest pin, you’ve got to remember that people on Pinterest see your image for literally a second or less.


If it looks junky and full of errors, forget about getting any traffic.


Grammarly Writing Support


Pinterest is all about visual art that sells. A poorly constructed, error-filled pin can only hurt you.


This goes for your blog post too. Don’t expect anyone to believe you’re an expert on your topic if it isn’t well-written and edited. Poorly written material is unprofessional.


It’s hard to read, too.


So How To Get Your Blog Noticed By Pinterest In 2021?


First, write killer content.

If you need help feeling confident about your writing skills you can take my 1-hour course to drastically improve your writing abilities.


Second, create beautiful, FRESH Pinterest graphics. Images should be vertical (2:3 ratio give or take) and high quality. Take time to create pretty, eye-catching pins.


Finally, pin very consistently. Use Tailwind to keep your job easier without losing any consistency.


Show Pinterest you mean business. Keep up with Tailwind’s best practices so that you know what Pinterest is looking for.


By the way, do you have a Pinterest Business Account? If you’re a blogger or influencer you need to upgrade to a free business account on Pinterest.


Tap into the power of blog meets Pinterest meets Tailwind…


And slay.


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