How I Got 4300 Pageviews My First Month Blogging

I can feel the focus from here, friend! You’re researching how to increase your blog traffic and how to grow your blog–and income. You can totally do it! I’ll share with you How I Got 4300 Pageviews My First Month Blogging, and by sharing I mean I’m going into the nitty gritty.

So sit back, Friend, because you’re about to get a serious inside look at my first days blogging.

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How I Got 4300 Pageviews My First Month Blogging

When I started blogging, I was fired up about the topic and focus of the blog–helping first-time mamas grow in confidence and believe in their abilities.

I wanted to help my fellow mamas and share my experiences, as well as some encouragement. I still feel that way.

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What I hadn’t expected was to get as much blogging traffic my first month as I did. Don’t get me wrong–I worked for it.

When I started this thing, it wasn’t a game to me. I’m a full-time mama and I have a lot of other irons in the fire.

I don’t have time to mess around.

If I was going to keep this up, it needed to take off, and If I could help somebody, then I would work hard at it.

If I was just spitting in the wind, I had plenty of other things to do with my time.

I worked really hard, combining passion and drive with research and learning.

The ratios? 150% writing, creating and planning, and 250% learning, researching and reading.

Where Did I Find The Time?

During my son’s naps while a load of laundry was washing and the dishes were drying, and then from 9:00 pm, after he went down for the night, to about 11:00 pm each night.

During my first month, I literally ran through the house, trying to get through a few daily chores, then I’d work on my blog.

I jumped on any time I could throughout the day. Then I worked from 9:00 pm to 2:00 am every night–sometimes until 3:00 in the morning.

I think my latest night was from 9:00 pm to 4:15 am. Then I was up at 8:00, making breakfast.

Crazy, I know.

What Are My Blog Work Hours NOW?

Now that my blog is gaining momentum, I’ve backed off considerably. My goal now is to publish 2-3 blog posts per week, and I spend a couple hours a day maintaining it and marketing.

My house looks a lot better, and I’m no longer forgetting to add the salt to the chicken from exhausted delirium.

Why am I saying this? Because I want you to know the reality of what is going on behind the blog. This post is not a gimmicky, “click this button and magically gain a few thousand followers”.

I don’t have a course to offer right now. I don’t have a blogging book–yet. What I have is fresh advice and some encouragement.

2020 Update: I now DO have a course to offer! It’s called Blog Writer’s Workshop Express and it’s everything I’ve learned about creating good content for your blog to increase your traffic and income. It’s seriously awesome and it’s only 1 hour long!

You can take it now! It’s easy peezy!

How I Got 4300 Pageviews My First Month Blogging

Get The Latest Resources to Slay Your Blog

You Don’t Need To Be A Computer Genius

Three months ago I had no idea how to start a blog. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t even know what WordPress was.


I never really thought about where I was being taken when I clicked on a Pinterest pin or on results I Googled.

Most people don’t really care. They just want answers to their questions. If they like what you’re putting out there, they’ll come back. If they want to keep up, they’ll subscribe.

Three months ago that was me, too. Since then, I’ve spent hours researching and learning about blogging.

Trust me, I’ve made mistakes but I’ve also learned new things and had some major success. I’ve earned some money.

Most importantly, I’m able to share my passion and encourage mamas out there. I get to help people.

How I Got 4300 Pageviews My First Month Blogging

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So How Did I Get 4300 Pageviews My First Month Blogging?

I started with some content, and a lot of passion.

I’d already made up my mind that if I was going to do this, I wasn’t going to go at it halfheartedly.

This thing was going to either get off the ground and GO, or it wasn’t going to happen at all. Period. And, thankfully, it went.

Free Blogging Platform– PLEASE Don’t Do This to Yourself!

I started out on a free, basic blogging platform. I didn’t really mean to, I just Googled about starting a blog and clicked on the results. Before I knew it, I’d set it up.


Looking back, I wish I hadn’t done it that way. But that’s how it all got started. I wrote a little opening article.

Then I felt dumb and walked away and forgot about it (I did not count that date in my first month, since there’s a grand space between that first article and when I actually launched my site).

I came back to it a couple weeks later and decided to give it a go. I developed a vision for what I wanted to do, who I wanted to reach, and what message I wanted to share. Then I started writing like mad.

How I Got 4300 Pageviews My First Month Blogging

Outlined My Content & Started Creating

I now had some content and my brain was buzzing with a bunch of ideas for new articles. I made notes for future posts and created an outline so I wouldn’t forget all of my ideas. Now it was time to start making my blog pretty.

After clicking around, I started hitting walls.

The free blogging platform thing, remember?

The options with my little, free blogging platform were limited, and I very quickly grew underwhelmed and dissatisfied.

I tabbed some really beautiful blogs I admired to learn what the creators were doing.

But no matter how hard I tried, my blog looked kind of cheesy.

I started digging around for more information, which also included creeping around those other, beautiful blogs. I started reading their “How to Start a Blog” posts and pages.

Started Over… With the RIGHT Startup Tools

I discovered WordPress. Okay, that was great but I was using another blogging platform, so what were my options?

I figured out how to switch my blog over to WordPress. That process wasn’t too scary. Then I started building and creating.

I started getting pageviews (I’ll talk about how I did that in just a minute) and realized that my blog was getting some wind in its sails.

Great! But my work and my time is valuable. I wanted to earn, too.

However, I couldn’t monetize my blog, and I still wasn’t happy with how it was looking. I ended up breaking my site by trying to delve into the back end coding on my own. Now what?

How To Make Money On Your Blog


I discovered Bluehost. That was the game changer for me. I’d read other bloggers’ recommendations about Bluehost but I always clicked out, thinking it was just a “commercial break”.

After more research, I realized why it’s important to have a professional host for my blog. Basically, I wouldn’t be able to make money without it. The price was really low, so I bought in.

The transition, however, was the most frustrating process of blogging so far. On top of that, I broke my site and lost some hard work in the process, including some good articles I’d written.

I used the 24-hour chat support more times than I could count while I bumbled my way through the setup process.

I was clumsy and an amateur with rudimentary site-building skills at best.

The one thing I did not have in me, however, was “quit”. I could see good results despite my flailing efforts, and I wasn’t going to give up. I was on to something.

With WordPress and Bluehost, my blog came alive. I had help now, professional tools, and I was learning how to use them, combined with my daily research efforts.

2020 Update: I have since switched to SiteGround for my web hosting server due to a larger amount of blog traffic. SiteGround drastically increased my site’s load speed.

Instant Grammar Checker - Correct all grammar errors and enhance your writing.

Time To Hustle!

While all this was happening, I was also researching blog traffic. Before I go any further, there’s something interesting you should know about me, and about MamaFearless. I don’t have a Facebook page–at all.

I’ve actually not had a personal Facebook for about 12 years. All of my blog traffic has come from other sources.

2020 Update: I now have a Facebook page to build even more traffic. While it does drive some traffic, Pinterest (and Tailwind) is still #1 and where I place most of my effort.

After doing some research I learned that 90+% of blog traffic comes from Pinterest. Okay, so that’s a no-brainer. I was going to harness the power of Pinterest and drive some serious traffic to my blog.

But, I also know that people use search engines to search topics without thinking about it, several times a day. I was also going to learn about SEO so that my blog showed up on people’s search results online.

That’s a big deal, because that means you’ve got the keyword answers to the questions they’re typing.

First, Pinterest.

I upgraded my account to a free business account. Then I started creating pins. My first pins were all wrong–horizontal and missing some important factors.

I quickly learned that pins should be vertical, vibrant and eye-catching, and good quality.

The other important key is to put words wherever there is a blank box that accepts them–descriptions, titles, tags… anywhere you can input words, do it.

A creative title is good, but it needs to contain the basic information about whatever you’re pinning so Pinterest knows when and where to show it to others.

2020 Update: Pinterest is all about fresh content right now. That means pinning images that haven’t been used before, and creating fresh posts with fresh pins. The fresher your content and pins, the better results you see from Pinterest.

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I also learned about Tailwind.

That was the next game changer.

Tailwind is an app that consistently re-pins for you, giving you optimum exposure. The cool part is that it’s free to try out your first 100 pins, giving you plenty of time to try it.

My Pinterest monthly views went from 0 to just under 170K to date, using basic marketing techniques and Tailwind.

2020 Update: My monthly views is now over 300K with the help of Tailwind (even after a few months’ break from blogging and pinning due to having a baby)!

Psst! These are my personal results. For more info, you can read more about what results to typically expect from Tailwind here.

You can subscribe to Tailwind for Pinterest or separately for Instagram, too, but for the sake of this post we’re talking about Pinterest.

You can also purchase their “power-ups” feature and “smart loops” feature for added benefits.

Tailwind’s got your back as well because they’re a Pinterest partner and routinely update you on their best practices so you stay in the know. It’s a super valuable resource to grow your blog traffic.

I’d read on several different blogs I valued that starting a blog should not be expensive.

I knew I’d follow that principle–I wasn’t about to put out a bunch of money right away. That’s why Tailwind’s free trial is a great way to start to see if it works for you.

How To Get Your Blog Off the Ground

Where Did My 4300 Pageviews Come From?

Pinterest is responsible for most of my blog traffic, hands down.

But I also get traffic from other sources, like search engines and WordPress. Getting your blog noticed on search engines takes time, but I’m already getting good results in this short amount of time, so I don’t believe it has to take forever.

The best way to maximize your Search Engine Optimization is the same method I stated for Pinterest. On your blog posts, type in words anywhere there’s a space available.

On WordPress, I go to my document settings and select a category for every post I write. I also give my posts multiple tags that match the types of words and phrases people are likely to type into a search bar.

I spent time researching and writing a good blog description containing keywords, which you can edit in your blog settings.

Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest, but that doesn’t mean I ignore other avenues. My stats show 4000+ pageviews in one month, but if 90% is from Pinterest, that still leaves 400+ views from Google, WordPress, or another search engine (I’ve even gotten some from Bing).

That’s a substantial amount of views, so it’s worth the effort.

So What Exactly Did I Do?

  • Created content
  • Set up my blog
  • Started pinning on Pinterest–a LOT
  • Optimized my blog with WordPress and Bluehost (Now using SiteGround)
  • Increased Pinterest exposure with Tailwind

What Am I Still Doing?

  • Writing weekly content, keeping things fresh
  • Creating fresh, new pins and pinning consistently on Pinterest
  • Still using Tailwind
  • Gaining subscribers and keeping them updated
  • Still researching and learning to better myself and my blog

What Am I Planning To Do In the Near Future?

  • Continue building my growing subscriber list and create ways to spoil my subscribers with exclusive offers and materials
  • Collaborate with other bloggers
  • Provide more custom resources to my readers
  • Build relationships with my readers and create content based on their feedback

I will be posting an update with my blog traffic and progress in another month. I’ll include what worked and what didn’t and any valuable tips that I learn along the way.

If I can do it, so can you!

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