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Thanks for reading Fundamentals About MamaFearless! I hope you come away informed and encouraged about how things run around here!

Blog world is a major source of information these days. It’s a place (as a clicker and a reader) to find answers to just about any topic you can conjure up. It’s a place (as a writer and a blogger) to express yourself, share your knowledge, make stuff up, and generally put words out into the world.

You can be who you are. You can make up a whole different life and portray it however you want. You can reach for the stars. You can dig up some dirt.

How many times do you read something and then find yourself wondering about the source? The answer is probably a toss-up. Some people are looking for something particular and don’t care about who wrote it. Some people connect with the writer and want to know more.

Either way, here you are, at MamaFearless, and there are some things about this place, and about me as a writer, that you need to know–well… if you want.

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1: I’m Elizabeth. I’m NOT MamaFearless

My name is Elizabeth. I’m a regular girl who’s trying not to fall into the trap of living a mundane life. I love to write, I’m passionate about pregnancy, childbirth and mama heroes, and I’m fired up about spreading encouragement. There are too many hanging heads and drooping shoulders. I want to do something.

I am not MamaFearless, and when I started this site, I never was. I am, and always was, Elizabeth, the writer.

Who IS MamaFearless?

Guess what? YOU are MamaFearless. I chose the name MamaFearless because when I see the moms out there who do what they do every single day, that’s exactly how I view them. I am in complete awe and admiration of the love and sacrifice that takes place, often overlooked and under-appreciated, on the daily.

I have so much respect for mothers. Since I became one, I discovered a world that was totally different than what I expected. I created MamaFearless to help create a culture of courage and uplifting content, to help in whatever way I can.

I’m a mom, so I guess in a way, I’m MamaFearless, too. But that’s not what the name of this site means. MamaFearless is all about you, as the reader.

You are amazing.

2: Motivation

MamaFearless does generate income. This keeps the blog going, but it isn’t the purpose of the site. The motivation started during my pregnancy journey. I had some amazing support. And then, I had some interesting advice imparted to me, complete with horror stories and topped with an over-sized dose of negativity and fear.

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t do fear. I get mad at fear. This was my first time being pregnant. I was walking a completely foreign road, and I was being inundated with fear-based mindsets. I’m not one to quiver and quit, so I fought back–not at the people, but at fear itself.

Then, I realized that if this is happening to me, even though I have a huge network of support, how many other mamas are having to deal with it, too? We have our own set of worries and wonderings that we have to overcome by “go-time”. How many mamas out there are hearing the stories and the discouragement, and feeling pressure to give birth a certain way?

The thought broke my heart. And inspired me. And made me angry. And challenged me.

I waged war.

So I created MamaFearless, which is all about you, to help lift the arms of my fellow mamas to give birth courageously.

3: Content

I didn’t even know that having other people write stuff for you was a thing until I started researching ways to generate income at home. I researched freelance writing and that’s when I realized how popular it is to hire others to write for your blog.

I don’t have an opinion about this (well, really I do, but it’s none of my business, so I’ll refrain), but I will say that when I started MamaFearless, I planned it, opened it, and continue to run it like a business, with the planning to back it up.

I created an outline, a writing plan and a business plan. I love to write, and I’m passionate about MamaFearless, so I took this seriously. I prayed about the direction this blog would take. I continue to pray about it, and sometimes I make changes to my original plans based on what I feel is the right thing to do.

What Are You Reading?

The topics you read at MamaFearless are planned out, outlined, and written by one person–Elizabeth, the writer. Unless you are reading a guest post–which is clearly stated and introduced–you can just take it for granted that anything you read is written by Yours Truly.

If someone else writes something on this blog, they will be credited with ALL the recognition.

4: Inspiration

If you are a fellow blogger, you’ve probably experienced that funny coincidence where every time you publish something, a blog you’re closely connected with just so happens to publish a strikingly similar topic. Well, consider it a compliment. You may have also read those popular Pinterest Pins about “35,369 Ways to Find Blog Topics” or some such thing.

One popular tip is to go looking around on other blogs and write something that inspires you from their posts, which doesn’t seem very original–or very nice, unless of you course you plan to credit that blog with the proper thanks they deserve for coming up with the topic for you.

Where Does It Come From?

Without taking off on a rabbit trail about paraphrasing plagiarism, I want to reassure you good readers and fellow bloggers that each and every post I write is a result of inspiration that came while I was “unplugged”. My inspiration for topics comes through prayer, quiet time, or something that took place in my daily life.

On the occasion I may be writing furiously about one thing and an inspiration for another post hits. When inspiration hits, I grab my phone, a notepad, a receipt, a gum wrapper… and I write it down as soon as it strikes. When it’s time to work, I add my post idea to my outline and see where it fits and when I want to work on it.

I guess in a very indirect and tangled way, bloggers are always influencing other bloggers. We read articles that are relevant to our interests and our passions, so some of our thoughts may inadvertently reflect that, but as far as intentionally searching and creeping on people who are putting in the hard work… I don’t find that very ethical, so I don’t do it, regardless of how popular that Pinterest pin is and what it says to do.

5: Recommendations

As of today, everything I’ve recommended on MamaFearless is something I’ve personally tried. If I’m raving about something, well, it’s because it’s somewhere in my house.

I may also recommend something that someone very close to me has tried and loved. By “someone close” I don’t mean the other blogger I just stalked on Pinterest. I literally mean a close friend, relative or colleague that I know and see personally. That means that I’ve at least come in contact with the product, even if I haven’t necessarily purchased it myself.

While that hasn’t happened at this point (with the exception of the Amazon Baby Registry that I regret not getting, which you can read about here), it probably will in the future. I love and respect my friends, and if they have something they just love, I might just spread the love to you, too!

6: Contact

MamaFearless is a blog centered around providing encouragement and support to moms. It’s also a blog that reflects and represents me, as a mother, a woman, and a Christian. As a result, when you reach out to contact me, you’ll get… ME!

Your email won’t be fielded to a third party. If you send an email, I’ll see it personally and I will respond to you. This is why I request that you allow me a few days to get back to you. I don’t take lightly the fact that you made the effort to reach out, and I want to give you the respect that you deserve.

7: Experiences

As you’re reading articles from all these amazing sources, it can be very easy to grow skeptical of the retold experiences of the writer. We see the very popular “10 Things I Wish I’d Done Differently” or “The ONE Mistake I Made That…” that ends up being an affiliate link.

I can’t speak for everyone else, but I can say that if I’m writing about something I wish I’d known, or a mistake I made, I really made it! Yes, I REALLY broke my site while building MamaFearless. Yes, I really lost good content. As a mom, I purchased things I just had to have that are still in the box. I tried techniques that I realized were useless. I’ve made lots of mistakes.

I write about them because I feel like they can help you, too. You may not agree with everything I say, but you can certainly take what you read and combine it with your own knowledge to create your methods of Mom Greatness.

8: Transparency

One of the things I hope you never feel at MamaFearless is that the author’s life is perfect and worry-free. Goodness, no!

I’m a young mom to a 9-month-old baby, a wife of a business owner, and we are trying to grow and succeed. It’s a climb. My husband started his business “from scratch” and it’s not always easy. We are actively involved in our church, balancing full schedules, and I’m perpetually sleep-deprived.

Times can get really challenging. But I love God, my family, and my church. I don’t give up so easily. I make mistakes. I have good days, okay days, and then I have some really rotten days, too. I’m learning how to take courage and walk on. I’m learning to seek joy, not perfection. For my type-A, that’s a challenge in itself.

I don’t blog because I feel like I know it all. I blog because I feel passion, because I have so much respect for moms, and because I want to help in any way I can. I blog because I also really love to write.

9: Support

I started MamaFearless with a lot of prayer. When I’m trying to feel out the future direction of the blog, I pray about it. If you’ve read my articles, you’ll see where I say I’m praying for you, too.

That’s not an empty phrase. I may not directly know your name, or anything about you, but God does. I pray for my readers. You’re not invisible, and you matter. I take my posts–particularly those about sensitive pregnancy topics–very seriously. I know that some readers may feel pain or be in a lonely place.

If this is you, I hope that you’re encouraged that I am praying for you. If you’re a reader of MamaFearless, I encourage you to pray for the other readers, too. We need each other–we need that support.

Now that you’ve read Fundamentals About MamaFearless, I hope you feel like you know me a little better!

Love, prayers and support!

Stay Fearless!

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