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My son’s first birthday party was fishing themed, “The Big One.” As it turned out, coming up with games and things to do for the kids was a lot of fun and super easy.

The most popular game, hands downs, was the fishing game. I originally planned it for the toddler guests but kids of all ages loved it. It was so simple and budget-friendly I just had to share it with you.

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Things Needed:

This is literally the easiest game to prep. You need 3 things:

  1. A Walmart Kiddie Pool (less than $6)
  2. Water
  3. A kids magnet fishing game set (1 set is great for about 15 kids)

If you don’t have a kiddie pool just use a plastic storage bin!

The game comes with 2 magnetic fishing poles and 2 little fishing nets. All the little fish and pieces are magnetic. The older kids had a blast “catching the fish” with the poles, while the toddlers had fun swiping up fish into the nets.

There was always a crowd around the kiddie pool, and it made some great pictures. The game was a hit–all for under $22–or less! Can’t beat that!

Fishing Game Setup

Just fill the pool about 1/3 full of water (just enough that all the little fish and things float around) and set the poles and nets out. All the colorful pieces will attract those kiddos in no time.

To make it more fun and challenging, you can also host fishing competitions and relays. There are two poles, so two kids can race to catch as many fish as they can in a set amount of time. You can even throw in some prizes for some extra hype–though you probably won’t need to.

Another variation is to have a “prize fish” selected. When someone catches the “prize fish” they get a prize themselves.

You can literally make this easy game go all day if you need to.

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