Fearless Motherhood

Okay… honestly… Fearless Motherhood? Not everything about motherhood is fearless.

In fact, in all honestly, a LOT of motherhood is downright terrifying.

So why Fearless Motherhood?

I once heard a wise person say that “God honors us with high expectations.” That made me stop and really, deeply think about some of the goals in my life.

Fearless Motherhood is the Goal

It’s a high goal–and that’s okay. We won’t always achieve it–that’s okay too.

But just knowing that we are striving toward a mentality of strength and courage is incredibly powerful. Helping one another to stand courageously is even more so.

Mama Fearless is about learning to walk a path of courage, and helping each other while we work at it.

It’s important to feel like we have a community of support and strength, but that we believe we can accomplish great things as mothers, too. We don’t need to lower the standards for ourselves, just because it’s hard. We are capable of achieving hard stuff, too!

Keep At It, Mama

Keep working and pushing, Mama! You’re doing WONDERFULLY! Nobody gets it all right, but that’s why we’re here for each other.

We’ve got the enormous responsibility of raising little tiny humans into mature adults that make learn to make good choices and change the world.

Yeah, that’s pretty scary.

But we’ll keep working and pushing–together. We’ll keep striving to accomplish the hard things.

Because that’s what we do. Little by little. Day by day. Together, we’re becoming Mama Fearless.

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