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Blogging Tips to Become a Ferless and Successful Blogger

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Are you thinking about starting up a money-making blog? Do you already have one up and running that’s not (yet) earning an income? You made the best click ever by coming here for successful blogging tips!


You might be a mama hustling to create a living that allows you to stay home with your little ones… or, you just might be a blogger in general that’s working hard and trying to improve your blog’s income.


These tips to make money on your blog are for anyone and everyone—no matter where you fall on the blogging journey.

Don’t let the soft, sweet colors fool you! Everything I ever share about blogging is no-nonsense, no fluff, and the blogging tips are as honest as it gets—real stuff that I learned by falling on my face—a lot.


I’ve been so frustrated I was ready to throw my computer from the second-story window. I’ve nearly called it quits.


I’ve even questioned my own sanity for trying so hard to break through into blogging success.


I get it, and I totally know what it’s like to wonder what in the world you should do next.


Successful blogging takes time and a lot of work. There is no perfect formula that works for every blog out there. You simply have to keep going, learning, and discovering.

If your blog is struggling, here are some things you need to doublecheck.

Mama Fearless Blogging

You’re Optimized for Successful Blogging


Make sure you’re self-hosted. I use Siteground.

When I first started blogging, I started with Bluehost, and they nearly killed my blog as soon as it started growing.

Bluehost simply couldn’t handle the amount of traffic I was getting, and my page speed plummeted.

My load times were absolutely ridiculous. It got so bad that my traffic disappeared—I mean it literally went from xxxx pageviews to 0.

You’ll have to invest in a good host, but it’s worth it, and you’ll end up switching over to a good one, anyway. You might as well get all the technical stuff out of the way while your blog is still developing.


You need to make sure you’re consistently working to improve your site’s SEO ranking.


That means that you’re forever learning how to optimize each post by using keywords. There’s a LOT more to SEO but start there.


Just don’t stop learning.

Successful Blogging Traffic

Blogs don’t survive without traffic. They can sit there, in existence, without traffic, but nothing will happen.


You NEED blog traffic for any sort of income at all.


If you’re monetizing through ads, sharing affiliate products, or selling your own products, you must have traffic to do any of those things.


You should constantly be working to get consistent traffic from Google, but that can take a while.

In the meantime, focus on Pinterest. It’s hands-down the fastest way to drive traffic to your blog. You can use Facebook and Instagram, too, but again, it takes a little longer to build a following and gain exposure.


Make sure you have a business account through Pinterest. It’s free and you need all the features. Follow people! Follow, follow, follow.


Download Tailwind and add the extension to your web browser. Use Tailwind to schedule multiple pins throughout the day.


Don’t stop creating fresh pins, pinning, and scheduling, even when it seems like you’re getting nowhere.

Successful Blogging Content

Bloggers can easily get so focused on blog startup, SEO, and marketing that they totally forget about the actual blog.


You must always remember that your content is the crux of everything you’re doing. If you’re driving all this traffic to horrible content, it’s all pointless.

Put way more effort than you think you really need into your blog posts. Do twice the research, twice the planning, and twice the editing.


Take time to write strong, compelling content. Then make sure that content is optimized, edited and engaging. (Get my free blogger’s bundle that includes a publishing checklist, so you don’t forget anything.)


Keep Learning

It’s impossible to know everything about blogging right now, so start where you’re at and commit yourself to learning.

Keep growing. You’ll get there!

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