Courage, Faith, and a Pregnancy Miracle: Kait’s Story


This is a guest post written by Kait, a beautiful wife and mama of two. In this post, she shares a frightening trial during her first pregnancy, as well as the incredible faith she learned to develop and how she remarkably put it to the test. I hope the beauty and transparency of her story reaches out to you and encourages you in Courage, Faith, and a Pregnancy Miracle: Kait’s Story.

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Courage, Faith, and a Pregnancy Miracle: Kait’s Story

By: Kait Lewis

Hello Mamas!

My name is Kait Lewis, I am a mama of two; a busy two year old and a tiny four month old. I am so happy to be able to share my story with you through MamaFearless. I believe there is such a need for this kind of support to all the mamas out there.

I would like to start out by saying I am no blogger or writer. My instagram is not aesthetically pleasing, it’s just full of photos of my babes and the things most important to me. As many of us do, I often compare my life to those “cool moms” who seem to “have it all together,” because their Instagram page looks like a magazine.

You see all the pretty mamas looking flawless while 9 months pregnant. They’re so trendy and cute–they never seem to have any bad days. We all know these are their highlights, the best of the best. Yet, we still look to those photos as if we have to achieve that impossible level “perfection.”

Real Talk

I recently asked a few of my first-time mama friends how their pregnancy was going. They both responded with, “I thought pregnancy was supposed to be fun!” This is because we are constantly exposed to someone else’s highlights through the use of social media, which creates this false perception of what our own pregnancy or motherhood experience should be like.

I am so thankful for REAL moms who share their real stories in order to encourage others. No matter what you’re going through, the amazing thing is you’re never alone!

Pregnancy is a crazy roller coaster. It is so true that it is full of wonderful, magical moments, but it can also be quite terrifying. However, having a fearless pregnancy is possible with the help of the One who designed it.

Kait’s Story

I was 20 weeks pregnant with my first child, I had no complications and aside from daily morning sickness, I felt great! I went in for my anatomy ultrasound, where they take time to carefully view the development of the baby to make sure there are no complications.

I was told that my doctor would contact me if there were any concerns and, if needed, a follow-up appointment would be scheduled.

A week went by and my phone rang; my heart sank as I saw my doctor’s phone number on the screen. She began to explain to me that the baby was okay, but the ventricles in her brain appeared to be underdeveloped and we would need to schedule a more extensive ultrasound.

She referred me to a specialist in a larger city that would contact me as soon as they received my file. I hung up the phone and immediately BURST into uncontrollable tears. I was stricken with fear for my pregnancy, my baby’s development, her future, and my future.

I immediately thought to call my husband, my mom, my closest friends, and my ministry, seeking comfort, direction, and a solution, at least sending out a text telling them that they needed to PRAY.

However, as immediately as those thoughts came, I felt a check from God. I felt God was telling me that no one could do anything to change my situation, they were all as helpless as myself; this situation was to be given to Him to handle.

Kait’s Decision

I didn’t mention a word about the phone call to anyone for an entire month, not even my husband. I prayed to God daily to heal my baby girl. I prayed, believed, and expected our miracle.

As the month went on, I began to move beyond asking Him to heal her; instead I knew she would be healed and this was just a test of my faith.

Daily, I reminded myself that my situation was going to be a testament to my God’s healing power! I knew that my God was using my baby girl as a tool for His Kingdom, and that her testimony of miraculous healing would be a strength to others in their time of fear.

After the month was over, I was finally scheduled to meet with a specialist. However, the Sunday before, I was in the altar seeking God’s will for this important appointment when I felt my pastor (who still knew nothing of my situation) lay his hands on my head.

I don’t exactly remember his words, but he began praying for a “miracle.” I felt a burning, fiery feeling rush through my body; I KNEW in that moment my baby girl was healed. I rejoiced and praised God for making her whole!

I went to my appointment knowing we had the victory, and it was confirmed. Her brain was healed!

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Kait’s Lesson

It took a check in my spirit, but my faith grew bigger than my fear! Instead of sharing my grief and fear with those closest to me after the initial phone call, I was able to call everyone with tears of joy and share what God had done for us. Instead of sharing how big my problem was, I am able to share how BIG my God is!

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

Mamas, you were designed by The Creator of the universe to form the miracle of life in your womb. It’s mind-blowing that all we have to do is take care of our bodies and God will do the rest.

With each pregnancy of mine, the fear of not being capable to sustain the life growing inside of me crept up daily. However, I had to remind myself that while in the womb, my babies were in the absolute safest place they would ever be in for their entire lives!

They were in God’s hands; that fact alone is enough to defeat the fear of not being enough.

You are enough! Be fearless!

God bless,
Kait Lewis

Meet Kait here.

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