Be Fearless, Mama!

Be Fearless, mama!

Be Fearless, Mama!

I’ve been bitten by a bug. It’s something that’s screaming inside me. “Be Fearless, Mama!”

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I was walking through Target, working through my shopping budget while trying not to feel strange because I did not have my son with me this time. I wondered the aisles, checking prices and politely swerving around other shoppers.

Then something bit me.

It hit me, smack in the heart. I stood there, disrupting the flow of busy, Target traffic, and felt something that I can only describe as fire. Maybe it was after walking the geometric maze of aisles and feeling kind of like a mouse. I don’t know. But something began to stir up inside me.

This blog is dedicated to helping moms and women feel encouraged and inspired. It’s dedicated to supporting and uplifting, creating a team and going to bat against fear. I set that tone from day one. I was determined and impassioned to wage war against self-doubt, against incapability, against fear.

But today, I’m waging war against something else.

I’m striking a match and I’m setting fire to mediocrity, and I’m going to feed that blaze until it’s a bright light in the night sky.

All too often we work so hard to try and make it all just work. Moms are good at that. We know how to get in there and take our homes by storm. We’re low on this, out of that. So we create something from nothing and make anything happen.

God never intended for us to disappear.

But when it comes to dreams, goals, plans and promises, we talk ourselves right out of a blessing. No, I’m not talking about selfishness, brutal empowerment, or hardness. I’m certainly not talking about bitterness or resentment.

Determination, Passion, Courage

Our kids are watching us. Every move we make is etched into their little minds and hearts, whether or not they’re even aware of it. My son is watching me. He sees my actions and he hears my voice. What do I want him to see? What message do I want him to get from me?

Am I a resigned, norm-accepting human that’s okay living the day-to-day in a rut? Or am I a determined, passionate mother that lives the message, “With God, all things are possible?”

What do I really believe?

Can faith move mountains or can’t it?

It’s so easy to feel bullied by the negative and the cynical mindsets that make us feel insecure. We don’t look a certain way or we don’t have this certain set of skills. We aren’t apart of this particular group. Therefore, we’re outdated, we’re limited, or we don’t have what it takes.

The problem is that we are continuing to live in this mindset. We grow up and take it on, we have our families, we tell our kids they can do anything–anything! And then we doubt ourselves, so we shy away from those big dreams and goals, teaching those mini people who are watching us that no, you really can’t do anything… it’s just what mama says because she has to.

Be Fearless, Mama! Be An Example

What I really want is for my son to watch me and then develop a faith that grows, an assurance and a confidence that isn’t easily shaken. I want him to come head-to-head with a challenge and put on the boxing gloves, because that’s the norm–that’s what he’s seen his mama do (and daddy, too.)

I’ve got my own share of insecurities. I’ve got worries and fears that I have to work through on the daily. But I refuse to be controlled or defined by my fears. Plain refuse.

I want this fire to blaze inside of my soul, want it to reach into the deepest part of my thinking, affecting my perspective, my character, my past failures, my daily life, my finances, my church. I want to be alive in the truest, realest sense, through my passion and my attitude.

Be Fearless, Mama!

Speak It Out

If I’m going to claim the love of Christ, but put limitations on what I believe He can do, what am I doing? What is the point of the sacrifice? Where is the purpose?

If I’m going to “speak life” but wake up every day with a sigh, wear a frown, and “talk myself out of” or back down in fear, why am I doing this? It doesn’t even make sense.

Life isn’t perfect. It’s chalk-full of challenges, ups and downs, and some hard trials. But I’m more determined than ever not to allow my circumstances to define my faith. I’m going to keep it real. No, I’m not perfect. Yes, I fail and will fail again. Life is hard sometimes and being a mom is challenging in brand new ways. Yes, I feel so much pressure when it comes to raising another little human, and I feel the responsibility.

But keeping it real, keeping my feet on the ground, is not the same as giving in or being weak. It doesn’t mean giving in to the mundane. It doesn’t mean I can’t do amazing things.

I’m determined. I’m fired up. It’s not a selfish fire. It’s not a voice that says, “it’s all about me.” It’s this fierce passion that is so set on doing something remarkable in this world, reaching out and helping others, and learning to grow, giving of myself in a way that’s right.

“Your greatest accomplishment may not be something you do but someone you raise.”

Andy Stanley

I’m going to plant this fire into my son, and into my future children, and I’m going to spread it to my friends. I’m reaching out, taking your hand, and giving it a firm shake, saying, “you can do this, Mama.”

You can so do this!

Whatever your challenge is, whatever you face, you are so strong, so capable, and you’re not just anyone. God never intended for us to disappear. He has the hairs of our head numbered. That means that every detail about us is significant. That means we have some pretty special things about us that we can share. There’s something that only we can contribute.

You may be at home with a bunch of littles, pulling your hair and wondering where you went, feeling like your life is being poured into just living that there’s no real you anymore. You may be the working mom that is giving it your all, hoping that you don’t get lost in the tasks, in the musts, in the schedules that aren’t always completely yours.

Just Do It. Be Fearless, Mama!

Just do it, Mama. Live that day. Work that job. Breathe that air. Exhale from those lungs. You’re not lost. God sees you. Take hold. Re-ignite those goals and those dreams. Take hold of those promises.

Dream again. Be Fearless, Mama!

You weren’t crazy when you made them. You didn’t imagine it–you really did feel something, receive something. Your confidence may be under attack. You may feel like your capability is wobbling and weak, but you don’t have to accept it.

You have been created with a beautiful purpose. That purpose may require a long sacrifice. It may be hard at times. But don’t lose sight. Don’t allow yourself to fall into that rut of the mundane. Those tasks and obligations don’t have to define you. Do them, conquer them, and then press toward that dream.

You’re a hero. You’re unstoppable. Be FEARLESS, Mama!

Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;)

Hebrews 10:23

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