A Wonder-Filled Reminder


This Chistmas season went by in a blur of epic craziness. It was my introduction into “Mom Holiday Life”. Yep, I stressed out a little bit, too.

And then came Christmas. My family stayed in a cabin in the mountains, which required a lot of preparation and work beforehand. I admire my mom-in-law for remembering

My toes are still thawing out from capturing this photo in my bare feet, but it was so worth it

the Christmas wreath which she hung above the fireplace… I just felt accomplished that my family had their socks and toothbrushes.

But we woke up to a serene silence that comes with only one element…. SNOW!

And it was oh so beautiful.

For us sunny SoCalers, that was sheer delight. We huddled on the balcony (of course improperly clothed for the temperature) and soaked it all up-literally. And then, of course, making a fire was a huge deal because if we didn’t get it started and blazing right away, we’d all die of frostbite in the middle of this blizzard. Funny how we turn into pioneers from the 1800’s after a little snow.

That moment was surreal. And then, to top it off that much more perfectly, Kai was completely enraptured.

Baby Kai’s first encounter with snow. I couldn’t have prayed for a merrier first Christmas Day

His eyes were huge and he gazed outside in complete, wide-eyed wonder. He stayed that way for a long time, just watching, gazing, wondering. And then, he lifted his little hand and pressed it against the glass of the sliding door, leaning his little face closer to watch the falling snow.

Something came over me in that instant. Something touched me, deep in my soul.

We gathered around the fireplace and read from Bible about the birth of Jesus, had a few minutes of prayer, and the gift opening commenced.

I was amazed at God’s goodness in our lives. Nope… everything isn’t perfect. We are just regular folks getting through life, making mistakes and trying to learn from them. But in that crispy, snow-bordered moment, I felt the greatest inspiration I think I’ve ever felt in my life.

Pure serenity on a snowy Christmas Day

I was reminded to enjoy the journey. I was reminded to slooow down. It seems as though Kai was born last week, and yet, here he is, six months old and enjoying his first Christmas. I am reminded by so many wise women to “enjoy every moment because time just speeds up the older you get”. Okay, so we’ve all heard it and it’s easy to shrug it off.

It’s said so often because it’s true. We have been blessed with the most beautiful thing God could grant us in the present-a shot at this life, an opportunity to make it into something really grand. Perhaps not grand in the sense of physical wealth, glamor and glitz, but grand in the sense of feeling, in the sense of heart, a sense of wonder, with an opportunity to touch lives and allow our own life to be touched with even the simple moments.

I’ll never be the same after this.

I pray Kai never loses his childlike wonder-I know this Christmas rekindled mine.

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Elizabeth Jimenez

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