6 Tips to Survive the Third Trimester


Hey, Mama! Welcome to the third trimester of pregnancy! This is where things get interesting. Nesting is about to hit if it hasn’t already, you’re on the home stretch and feel all the pressure of the things you need to do, and–oh, yeah, Bumpy is BIG! I know how you feel (twice over). Here are 6 tips to survive the third trimester to help you out.

Note: The first three tips are for second-time or more mamas, so if this is your first kiddo go ahead and skip on down to tip 4 and start there.

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6 Tips to Survive the Third Trimester

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1. When Little Takes A Nap, So Do You!

I know. We all chuckle at the idea that “when Baby sleeps, you sleep”. That’s the time when we feel like we can actually get stuff done.

It’s a different story during pregnancy. If this is your second pregnancy, you’ve probably already discovered that this is an entirely different game than your first.

The exhaustion is real. You’re tired from just being pregnant, and now you have a little one to chase as well.

When Little goes down for a nap, do yourself a favor and take one, too! Getting quality sleep at this point in the game is a challenge already. Those naps will help you get from Point A to Point B relatively sane.

But no guarantees.

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2.When Little Snacks, You Snack

So we already know tots love to graze. They eat, and then it seems like 15 minutes later they’re hungry again.

Did you know that “grazing” is good for you, too? It helps you stay fueled up and helps you maintain whatever energy you can.

When it’s time for Little to stop and have a snack, treat yourself too! Sitting down together to share something to eat is a great way to bond as well.

You’re experiencing the last days of it being just the two of you so cherish all those moments.

3.Let Someone Watch Little For You

If you need to let someone watch your little for a day while you crash (or just sit and do nothing), that is okay!

Don’t you dare feel guilty!

It’s healthy to admit that you need a break now and again. Sure, go ahead and accomplish some tasks, but don’t wear yourself out.

This is your one opportunity to take a real, honest-to-goodness break.

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4.Limit Your To-Do List

Oh am I ever so guilty of not doing this!

We get ambitious and plan 500 tasks for the day, pregnant or not. It’s a mom thing. Then, when we can’t complete them all in a day we beat ourselves up.

I totally get it. Like I said, it’s a universal mom thing.

This is where we need to be realistic with ourselves during pregnancy. Yes, you can still accomplish tasks during pregnancy. You’ll probably find you’re most productive during your second trimester.

But when the third trimester arrives, don’t be surprised when you have to slow down. Like, you literally can’t keep up with your previous schedule.

It’s a big adjustment but you have to learn to accept that you will need to slow down. In my opinion it’s one of the hardest things about pregnancy.

Rather than trying to accomplish a huge amount of tasks in a day, ration your tasks to a few things that you can handle every day.

Pro-Tip: Split up the more straining tasks throughout the week so that you don’t exhaust yourself all at once.

5.Find Ways to Make Tasks Easier

That aching back and those sore muscles are probably complaining a bit, especially at the end of the day.

Nothing like some motivation to get a little creative, right?

Find ways to make things easier on yourself. Here’s a list of a few ways you can make your chores and tasks easier.

  1. Get a laundry basket with wheels and a handle so that you don’t have to prop that bulky thing on your sore hip.
  2. Have a friend, spouse or family member come over and play with your little while you get some chores done, or vice versa.
  3. Use a birthing ball for “sitting tasks” like folding laundry. The birthing ball is great for aligning your pelvis and getting both you and baby in good position for birth.
  4. Sit on the birthing ball while you give your little a bath. Spare your back and tummy!
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6.Take Time To Pamper

Who’s got time for that, right?

But seriously, it’s important to take care of yourself. The idea of “pampering” can vary from person to person. Whether your idea is a hot bath, a mani/pedi or massage, it’s a great idea to indulge every once in a while.

When new baby comes there won’t be time for pampering for a while. Soak those feet, get that massage, and enjoy every second of it!

Caring for your body, allowing yourself some rest and some slack are so healthy and can only reap good benefits.

Remember, it’s not selfish. You need to take care of you so that you can take care of your littles!

You have all the support of Mama Fearless behind you!

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6 Tips to Survive the Third Trimester

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