50 New Years Resolution Goals For A Better Year


Did your year totally stink? Was it utterly rotten? Let’s just start fresh with 50 new years resolution goals for a better year!

This post has 50 new years resolutions suggestions, but obviously that’s a bit much for one person to take on. A great way to approach this is to read through them and then choose a few of your favorites, or 1 from each category.

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50 new years resolutions and goals for a better year of personal growth, self-improvement, family, budget, and other healthy ways to move forward into a happier year for a fresh start. #newyear #newyearsresolution #personalgoals #personalgrowth #selfimprovement

Lifestyle/Household New Years Resolution Goals

1: Get Organized

That’s a big new years resolution all by itself! A great way to start the new year is to create a plan to steadily become more organized over the coming months. Start in one room that needs the most work and give yourself a (realistic) timeline to organize it and make it lovely.

2: Cleaning New Years Resolutions

Do you have a room that needs some work? How about that ever-present junk drawer that’s taken over the kitchen counter? Start your year off with a plan to clean up some problem areas in your home.

3: Declutter and Give to Charity at the Same Time

Once you’ve gotten a plan ready to organize and declutter, find a charity in your local area to donate your extra items. This new years resolution will help both you and someone in need.

4: Have A Yard Sale

How is it that we seem to accumulate so much stuff? One common area that seems to always have extra stuff is the garage. Why not declutter and pocket some extra cash by having a yard sale?

5: Practice Quality vs. Quantity

A good way to slow down accumulating things you don’t need is to practice the principle of quality over quantity. A good example of this is with clothes. Saving your money to buy higher quality items makes a huge difference in your closet! One nice piece ends up going much further than ten lower quality pieces.

That’s quality over quantity! Can you think of 1-3 other areas in your home orlife where your can practice this?

6: Home Improvement

Choose a room to focus on as your new years resolution. Spend some time improving it with fresh paint, curtains or window coverings and any necessary repairs or upgrades.

7: Household Goals

We all can use a little direction when it comes to how we want to take care of and maintain our home. A good way to implement this as a new years resolution is to create goals for how you’d like upkeep to stay consistent.

A cleaning schedule is a great way to start!

8: Add A New Organizational Habit

The best way to achieve those household new years resolution goals is to develop a new organizational habit. For example, you could create a special way to organize and keep up with your mail. Create a special box to place your mail and make it a habit to always keep that box from getting full.

9: Improve Something Outside the House

Choose an outside area of your home or yard that needs a little TLC and make it a point to have it spruced up by a deadline. Keep it realistic: the bigger the project, the more time you need!

10: Grow A Garden

This is a big new years resolution, but nothing says “fresh start” like new, growing things. Whether it’s veggies or flowers, there is something therapeutic about getting your hands in the soil and making something grow.

Get your littles involved in the garden. This is the prime opportunity to teach them basic disciplines, and also an appreciation for food and nature!

Physical/Body New Years Resolution Goals

11: Set A Weight Goal

The most common new years resolution of all time–lose some extra weight. But, this time, let’s do it with a twist. Instead of focusing on the idea of “weight,” focus on the idea of “health.” It’s all too easy to get discouraged when you’re striving for a weight goal and those buttons just aren’t buttoning any easier.

But when the goal becomes “health,” the visual expectations come off. Now the focus changes to how you feel rather than how you look. To me, that’s a much easier resolution to work toward!

12: Set A Health Goal

Okay, so you can set a general new year’s resolution to get healthy, or you can narrow it down further by deciding to focus on a specific area of health. For example, you can take this new year to focus on heart health, or kidney health.

The body works and functions as a whole, so even though you’re focusing on one part of your health, you’ll see benefits all throughout.

13: Add 1-3 New Healthy Habits

You can narrow your health goals down even further by adding specific goals for healthy habits. An example would be to stop eating as soon as you feel satisfied or walk around the block each day.

Another great idea is to set a “screen time limit” for yourself so you can unplug every now and then.

14: Add 1-3 Healthy New Foods

Remember, don’t try to take on everything. These are just some ideas to help you decide how to refresh for a better year. Choosing 1-3 healthy new foods to add to your diet, like kale, healthy fish, or fruits and nuts are specific foods you can work to add to your diet.

Start small and simple so you don’t feel overwhelmed and intimidated.

15: Drink More Water

Water is amazing. It’s everything. And most of us don’t get enough of it. Increasing your water intake consistently will make a remarkable difference in your health, mind and body. A new years resolution to drink more water is one that will grant you almost immediate results and benefits.

16: Cut Out 1-3 Unhealthy Foods

Okay, another super common new years resolution. Here’s the thing. Most people fall of the bandwagon in a short time with this one. Why? Well, there are a lot of reasons, but a simple one is probably that this goal is so general.

How many times have you written down eat healthier in your notebook?

Why don’t you narrow it down by cutting out 1-3 specific foods (not ingredients like sugar or salt, but actual foods/dishes) that you know are unhealthy. Then, replace them with the healthy foods from #15. Suddenly, those goals just got a lot simpler!

17: Get More Sleep

Sleep is like water. It’s drastically important and yet most of us don’t get enough of it. Start easy, and go for an extra 30 minutes of sleep each night. If you hit that goal consistently, up it to an hour. Continue building up until you’re retrained (yes, that’s what it takes) on getting a proper night’s sleep.

18: Schedule Time for Self-Care

Making self-care a new years resolution is so important and healthy. It’s also easy to feel guilty about it, like if you take a day for yourself you’re being selfish, lazy, or weak. It’s time to ditch that thinking and make the honest and fair choice to look out for yourself every now and then.

Whether it’s once a week or once a month, start with something you know you can attain consistently. It’s important. You’re important.

19: Take Up A Healthy Hobby

From riding a bike to hiking, to swimming and more, there is something healthy out there for everyone to enjoy. How amazing is it to find a hobby that you enjoy that makes you feel better at the same time?

20: Cut 1 Unhealthy Habit

Let’s just be real, here. Every one of us has some habit that isn’t the greatest. From sitting on the couch munching chips a little too often to eating before bed, there’s something out there we could be doing better–or not at all.

Mind-Improving New Years Resolution Goals

21: Learn A New Skill

Is there a musical instrument you’ve always wanted to learn? There’s no time like the present to learn it! As the years go by, we learn that opportunities should be created, rather than waited for. Learning a new skill is awesome for your mind, and NOW is the time to do it!

22: Learn A New Discipline

Yuck. Not fun. But it does make you stronger. Setting a new years resolution to learn a new discipline (like learning to say “no”) is like working out those weird muscles no one ever thinks about but wishes were stronger.

23: Read A Book

As time goes by, it feels more and more like reading an actual book is becoming a lost art. We live in a visual world and it gains more control on us with the passing of time. Take some time to break out of that and read a book from cover to cover.

Then pat yourself on the back. You’ve still got it.

Here’s a book for all you girls wanting to work on your inner beauty!

24: Discover Something New About Yourself

We’re complex. It’s no secret. I bet, if you make a new years resolution to take the time to learn more about yourself, you’ll discover something that you never knew, or that you’ve forgotten, about yourself.

25: Work On A Weak Area

Do you tend to procrastinate? Are you easily stressed out and worked up? Maybe after some serious reflection you can discover a part of you that needs work, and then take this new year to work to become better in that one area of your personality or character.

26: Start A Journal

Journaling is an incredible way to reflect and learn about yourself. It’s a powerful new years resolution! The problem is that we often assume we must journal every single night. But that’s like expecting yourself to run a marathon as soon as you take up running. It just doesn’t happen that way, and it’s setting yourself up to fail.

Set a reminder to take time to journal consistently, whether it’s every day, every other day, or once a week.

27: Find 3 New Ways To Be Positive

Even the most optimistic person struggles with areas where they aren’t all that positive. A healthy and refreshing new years resolution is to find areas where you tend to be negative and starting working to think positively.

Maybe it’s a dark spot in your past or a present, unpleasant circumstance. Whatever it is, find a way to restructure your thoughts to be more positive about whatever you’re facing.

28: Practice Gratitude

It’s hard to be angry when you’re grateful! Finding something to be grateful for this past year may certainly not be easy, but that’s where the skills are honed. A new years resolution to practice being grateful will change everything about your perspective.

29: Take Up A Mentally Healthy Hobby

From things like art to mind puzzles and other activities, doing things that are considered “brain food” are so healthy! Find something that forces you to really think and start doing it consistently. Build those brain muscles back up.

30: Let Stuff Go

Hanging on to bad things only hurts Y-O-U. Take some time to reflect and discover what you might be carrying around with you that is holding you back, emotionally, mentally or otherwise. Then take this new year to learn how to just let. It. Go.

50 new years resolutions and goals for a better year of personal growth, self-improvement, family, budget, and other healthy ways to move forward into a happier year for a fresh start. #newyear #newyearsresolution #personalgoals #personalgrowth #selfimprovement

Financial New Years Resolution Goals

31: Create A Budget

If you don’t already have one, a budget is a good new years resolution to make! Creating a budget will help you not only tell your money where to go, but also help you learn where it’s been going. I’ve learned to start simple with a budget. Don’t try and jump into a complicated spreadsheet right out the gate. Create something you can easily follow and maintain without feeling overwhelmed.

There is nothing wrong with simple!

32: Cut Out 1-3 Unnecessary Expenses

This new years resolution is a great way to start fresh, but also free up some money in your budget. Take some time to write out a list of everything you spend money on each month. Use your bank statements instead of memory, because I guarantee you there are expenses you don’t notice, or small things you’re doing more often than you realize. Choose 1-3 things to cut out.

A good example of sneaky little expenses: coffees, snacks, fast food, clothing, home decor items, kids’ toys, self-care/beauty products, phone app upgrades/subscriptions. This is just a start.

The items on this list aren’t bad, per say, but if you really look at what you’re spending, you’ll discover it’s very easy to go overboard in these areas without even noticing it.

33: Plan Your Meals

Ugh. I get annoyed just thinking of this one. If you’re a mom of a busy family like me, you’re probably thinking, “who has time to sit down and plan meals?” Well, this is actually a great new years resolution, especially for busy moms.

Planning your meals puts the ball of food finances back in your court. It also makes things more organized throughout the week.

34: Find A Fun Side Hustle

This is a great new years resolution because who doesn’t love making a little extra cash? Here’s the deal. It’s easy to quickly give up on this because we often think, “I’m going to start a side hustle,” and then jump into the most time-consuming, demanding one we can find.

I might be sounding like a broken record, but start simple. Find a side hustle that doesn’t demand a huge chunk of your time. Avoid starting with one that has a minimum requirement in order to earn.

Gigs like Instacart, Door Dash, and Amazon Flex let you decide when and how much you want to work.

35: Start A Savings

Start small. Open your savings with the minimum amount of cash required. Then consistently add a small amount to it each week or month (you can set up automatic transfers with your bank so you don’t even have to think about it). Then forget it’s there. You’ll be amazed at how fast that adds up in a year.

36: Create A Debt Payoff Plan

Nothing breathes “fresh start” like a plan to get rid of baggage–like debt. This is a great new years resolution to set you up for a better year! Find a simple, easy-to-follow plan like Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball and start working on small debt.

37: Invest

Find something simple and easy to invest in. This one is a little more advanced, so I’d recommend only worrying about it after you’ve paid off debt and started a savings.

38: Save Your Coins

What a fun new years resolution! Starting in January, save your coins throughout the year. At the end of the year, take your coins to the bank and amaze yourself and what you just saved.

39: Set 3 Financial Goals

Start with one long-term goal. Do you want to save a down payment for a house? Do you want a certain amount in savings? Those are long-term goals. Once you’ve set a long-term goal, set 2 small goals that help you achieve the big one.

Some examples would be: save $10 each week, pay off a small debt, or start a side hustle. Put your earnings toward your long-term goal.

40: Give To Others

New years resolutions are often pretty self-centered. That can be a problem because it’s easy to forget one very important thing: giving to others feels way better than receiving. Learning to practice generosity is a huge step toward becoming a happier, healthier person.

Maybe it’s time to change up all the self-focused goals and create a new years resolution focused on giving to others.

Family New Years Resolution Goals

41. Set 3 Family Goals

A new years resolution takes on a whole new meaning when it’s done as a group. It instantly becomes dynamic. Set 3 family-oriented goals to achieve some healthy things this year.

Some examples are: places you’d like to go, things you’d like to accomplish or create.

42. Set an Achievement Goal

If the idea of setting 3 family goals is a little too daunting after a terrible year, focus on one, big achievement as a family for one of your new years resolutions. Maybe you’d all like to be able to run a marathon together and need to work up to it. A group health goal is another great way to accomplish good, healthy things together.

43. Start A New Tradition

Come up with a fun new tradition to do every year as a family. It can be centered around a holiday or special season, or out of the blue! Make it fun and family-focused.

44. Set A Family Game Night

I feel like family game nights (unplugged) are a lost art, and it makes me sad. There is something so healthy and unifying about disconnecting from life’s craziness for just a little while and being together as family, having fun and playing games.

Bringing “game-night” back is a great new years resolution to make your family stronger.

45. Do Something Charitable

Come up with a few ideas as a family on ways you can give. Whether it’s working at a community charity, service, or simply doing kind things for others, charity and giving brings out the best in people–and families.

46. Reach Out To Another Family

I think we all know at least one family that has really struggled this year. What better family new years resolution than to reach out to a family and come together for some fun and encouragement?

47. Discover Something New About Each Other

New years and new beginnings are all about fresh starts. If this past year has taken a toll on your family, this is the year to start working on healing and repairing. Take time to listen, to learn, and to discover new things about your family members. Make it a goal to grow closer and move forward.

48. Work On Areas That Need Improvement As A Family

Things like communication and quality time are easy areas to start improving as a family. Set a new goal to work on improving in areas that you know would make your family stronger this year.

49. Build or Create Something As A Family

A fun and healthy new years resolution as a family is to start a project where you create or build something together. Learn how to communicate, work together, and more about each other’s strengths in the process.

50. Show Affection

A new years resolution to show more affection as a family isn’t necessarily about giving out hugs (although those are pretty awesome). You can show (and receive) affection in a lot of other ways! You can show affection by: giving gifts, sharing kind words, doing something nice, spending extra time, and of course hugs, too!

Work together to show appreciation for each other. It will go a long way as a family.

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