6 Tips To Battle Morning Sickness


Morning sickness. One of the most unpleasant things about pregnancy. I know how you feel, Mama, and you have my support and sympathy. Just hang on. In the meantime, here are 6 Tips To Battle Morning Sickness that I found gave me some relief.

6 Tips To Battle Morning Sickness

I know I’m not the only one who hoped and prayed for a puke-free pregnancy. Was it an improbability? Oh, yeah, but I’m pretty sure we all hope for it anyway.

I held out for ten weeks. And then the nausea hit with a vengeance. I went from being a fight-it-off-in-misery warrior to a professional puker in a matter of days.

While there is no cure for morning sickness, there were a few things that helped take the edge off so I could continue life reasonably normally.

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6 Tips To Battle Morning Sickness:

1: Cinnamon Gum

Chewing cinnamon gum will fight off the unpleasant taste in your mouth and help soothe your tummy, too.

I don’t know if all of you mamas out there experienced that horrid metallic taste in your mouth during early pregnancy, but that was one of the things that would send over the edge.

I could handle nausea okaaay, but combine it with that metallic taste and I was headed for the restroom. Water is so necessary during pregnancy–but it made the taste worse!

Finally, I bought some cinnamon gum–for no other reason than it just sounded good to me (listen to that voice, ladies!).

The strong taste of the cinnamon overpowered the metallic taste and soothed my stomach.

Even the little burn gave me the comfort of “burning off the taste,” so to speak. While that part is probably just placebo, it didn’t matter. Placebo or not, if it helped, I went for it.

I kept a wad of fresh, cinnamon gum under my tongue during work and managed to lower my daily trips to the bathroom.

2: Avoid an Empty Stomach

If you can manage, try and eat proactively and keep light snacks handy to nibble on. An empty stomach is a guaranteed throw-up session, and throwing up when there’s nothing to throw up is not fun.

The idea of eating when you’re nauseated is downright torturous. However, not eating makes it terribly worse.

I grew exasperated with women who would nag me to keep crackers or something nearby to nibble on but after about 2 weeks, they became sage advisers.

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3: Salted Popcorn

Disclaimer: Every pregnancy is different. Your tummy may have just turned at the thought of popcorn (if it did, just skip on down to #4).

I found that the salt soothed my stomach while the popcorn was light and not too heavy to keep in my stomach.

For me, even potato chips were too heavy and greasy. That was disheartening.

When I discovered that salty popcorn was the potato chip’s lightweight sister, I could have cried in relief (which comes easily during the first trimester).

If potato chips don’t do the trick, try salty popcorn. I’d advise that you smell it first, or think about the idea. If either one of those actions causes your stomach to turn, listen. That probably means it’s not the trick for you. There are a few other alternatives to try, however. You can try:

  • Sunflower seeds (which are rich in folic acid)
  • Saltine crackers
  • Pistachios
  • Corn nuts
  • Salted almonds or cashews
  • Kale chips
  • Rice crackers

4: Preggie Pops

Keep handfuls of these things in your pockets and purse! They are lifesavers!

I was in my first trimester and my husband and I drove up into the mountains to help during a youth retreat.

I worked all day, rushed home, changed and grabbed my suitcase and we headed up the mountain–in my husband’s work van, no less (we had to transport his drum set).

By the time we arrived to the retreat, we had 45 minutes to be at the service. I was no nauseous I thought I wouldn’t make it to our hotel room, let alone to the service where I had to play the piano.

As soon as the van was parked I jumped outside and slowly breathed in the cool, fresh air. I put a Preggie Pop in my mouth and hung on for dear life. Amazingly, I didn’t throw up.

Preggie Pop Drops are these amazing candies that at first seem useless. They’re sour and sweet and it doesn’t seem like they’d do anything. My pregnant cousin raved about them, so in my desperation I thought I’d give them a try.

It worked.

I was able to get my nausea under control and go to the service in time to play the piano. I even stayed afterward to fellowship.

While I attribute most of that to some sincere prayer, I noticed a difference with the Preggie Pops. I used them routinely throughout my sicky days and they did provide some adequate relief.

Another great thing is that they’re natural, drug-free, and have Vitamin B6.

5: Follow Your Sense of Smell and Your Cravings!

Okay, so this one is different. It’s a trick I learned during my nauseated first trimester. I touched on it a little earlier, but basically it goes like this:

If there is a food you can think about and visualize without feeling sick, you might be able to keep it down.

The flip side to that is that if a particular food or beverage causes you to feel nauseated, avoid it (which is easy to do). Your body is telling you something.

Some nights I had soup. Other nights I ate mashed potatoes. And some nights I had a random mix of nonsensical stuff on my plate. But, if it sounded good to me, that’s what I ate.

Yes, try and be healthy. But don’t force yourself to be healthy when it means throwing up later.

The goal is to keep stuff down. You need nutrition in whatever form you can get it. If it’s half a turkey patty, some peanuts and a dab of whipped cream with pickles–do it! Whatever your tummy feels like it can keep down is what you need to eat.

Nausea-Fighting Beverages

This list of beverages just might help you find some relief. Before I take off on the list, here are some tips about drinking those beverages.

  • Sip through a straw (big gulps may not settle well)
  • Forget the ice (really cold drinks might sit too heavily)
  • Keep warm beverages warm-hot, not piping hot

Beverages to help against nausea:

  • Ginger tea with lemon
  • Ginger Ale
  • Lemon water (room temp)
  • Seven-up
  • Ginger tea with a little honey
  • Carbonated water

I hope this list of 6 Tips To Battle Morning Sickness helps you find relief. I’d love if you wrote down some things you found helpful against morning sickness in the comments below.

Keep it up, Mama. You can do it!

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