5 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Failing


This is going to be short and sweet, because after you’ve read 5 reasons why your blog is failing, you’re going to want to leave here and either:

  • Take my course to fix your writing problem
  • Head straight to your own blog and start making corrections
  • Get Grammarly and polish your work pronto
  • All three of the above

After seeing many of the same mistakes on most of my clients’ content, I realize that so many bloggers are struggling with the same 5 things, and it’s destroying their blogs.

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5 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Failing

A failing blog isn’t funny. It’s one of the most frustrating and disheartening things to watch happen to your hard work.

That’s why you’re not going to find any funny jokes here. This isn’t about getting a chuckle from you and a pat on the back.

This is about saving your blog–quickly.

You found me because you’re likely highly frustrated and confused about why your blog is failing. You’re working so hard and you can’t figure it out.

Blog posts everywhere are saturated with all the same answers.

No one, however, is talking about your content, writing skills, or the basics of your actual posts.

Are you SICK of hearing about “writing your passion,” “find your niche,” and “get Bluehost?” Yeah… me, too.

So, no more talk about the right host, finding your niche, 3:2 Pinterest pin ratio and all that.

Let’s get talk about the big, ugly elephant in the room.

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5 Reasons Why Your Blog is Failing
5 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Failing

1: The Writing is Weak (No Offense)

I’m not here to make harsh comments about your work, but let’s face it, not everyone is a squeaky-clean writer.

In fact, most of us have an area or two where we struggle when it comes to writing.

  • Where do you put the commas?
  • Did that sentence even need one?
  • Why does my post sound like an 8-year-old when I read it back to myself?

It’s because your writing needs work.

You’re likely making mistakes you don’t even know you’re making. Those mistakes are stealing your credibility and making it difficult for people to read through your post.

That’s why they’re leaving.

Get some help. You can take my writing course (it’s an hour long and easy on the budget) or do some research on a writing course that works for you.

No matter what–learn about becoming a better writer. It’s okay to admit your writing needs work.

Since your money comes from being a good writer and building relationships through your posts, excellent writing skills are non-negotiable.

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5 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Failing

2: Your Text Space is Intimidating Your Readers

We are living in the age of “answer my question in less than 2 seconds. Or else.”

Information is so available that if someone doesn’t like your version, they’ll go look elsewhere because they know they can easily find it.

If someone opens your blog post and sees a screen covered in small text, wave “good-bye.” Nobody has time for that anymore.

  • Break up your paragraphs
  • White space is reader-friendly and less intimidating
  • It’s even okay to allow one paragraph to consist of one sentence.

Remember the old rule, “A paragraph consists of 3-5 sentences?”

Not online. If you follow that rule on your blog, you’ll run off your readers.

3: You’re Boring (Again, No Offense)

Another reason why your blog is failing is because your posts don’t even sound like you had fun writing them.

Your blog post isn’t a school report. It’s you engaging with the world. If you sound like a disinterested professor yawning out information, you can forget those pageviews.

I know this is pretty direct, but I’m here to help.

One of the most common things I see with my writing clients is their posts sound like they’re writing to a bunch of robots.


When it comes to blogging, it’s okay to lighten it up, add a little humor, and get on your readers’ level. That’s how you build a good blogger-to-reader relationship.

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4: Your Blog Format Is Unprofessional

I just “bounced” from a blog post that attracted me on Pinterest. The pin was beautifully done and the info captivated me.

When I landed at the actual post, everything changed. The text was in large, chunky font that clumped the sentences together in obnoxious blocks.

That wasn’t so bad, except the blog wasn’t even appropriately formatted to accommodate me reading it from my phone.

If your blog theme is not considered “responsive” (which means it maintains its format on any device–especially a phone screen), that should be your very first change.

No one wants to fight through garbled text patterns and fonts that don’t make sense when looking at it on a phone.

Over 90% of your readers are going to be reading your content on their phones. Make sure your blog is phone-friendly!

5 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Failing

5: You’re Making Basic Writing Mistakes

This is no longer an easily “looked-over” flaw on your blog posts.

Nowadays, there are so many resources to help you polish your work.

More importantly, so many writers are using those resources that if you don’t and your editing skills are subpar, the train is leaving without you.

One of the reasons why your blog is failing is because you’re not believable.

You’re claiming to be an authority on the subject you’re writing about, but your writing is full of errors.

I see it everywhere. Bloggers contact me for help with their content, and the first thing I notice is the actual, basic level of punctuation and proper grammar is missing.

It’s understandable. Your interest is in the subject of your blog, not always in how you write it.

You’re not alone. Writers everywhere are fantastic at creating content and have something highly valuable to contribute but are missing some basic editorial skills.

That’s why you need something like Grammarly to help you with that, and allow you to focus on what truly matters to you.

Grammarly Writing Support

Stop Selling Yourself Short

Honestly? After all of your hard work, effort, research, and the time you’ve put in, it’s about time to see some results.

I know you can do it–there’s no question.

Do you need help writing stronger content that converts? I can help, or you can easily find good writing courses out there.

Use software like Grammarly to help polish your work, or look into hiring an editor.

Make sure your blog looks good on every type of screen, and don’t make the mistake of letting it look like an online textbook.

Allow your personality and writing style to shine through in your content, charming and endearing your readers to you. You’ve got it, just let it show!

Need some help with that?Contact me HERE! I’ll help you strengthen your writing and your content.

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