5 Reasons To Love Your Postpartum Body


Standing in front of the mirror, gazing at all those new curves and bumps and changes, it’s easy to feel critical, insecure, and even disappointed at what you see. This is treacherous ground to be walking, and, more importantly, it’s totally inaccurate. Let’s talk about 5 reasons to love your postpartum body.

By the way, whether you’ve already given birth or not, you need to read this. It’s all about your beautiful self.

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5 Reasons To Love Your Postpartum Body

5 Reasons To Be Proud of Your Postpartum Body

I’m no doctor, and I’m not here to talk about postpartum weight loss. In fact, I think the focus is too much on postpartum weight loss instead of on postpartum healing.

As mothers, we’ve somehow allowed society to beat us up into believing that we should be “bouncing back” within a certain, ridiculously short period of time.

If we haven’t lost our baby weight within 6 weeks, we’re lazy, unmotivated, unfit, or, even worse, unattractive.


You’ve just accomplished a heroic feat of the natural world and you’re feeling pressure to live up to a standard or else lose your right to be proud, rather than feeling freedom to celebrate what has taken place.

It’s not a misconception, or a disappointment. It’s an out and out tragedy.

So here’s the truth, mom to mom, about 5 reasons to be proud of your body. Not from the perspective of a doctor or a healthcare provider (because I’m not), but from a mama who still has her postpartum pooch and thinks yours is beautiful, too.

5 Reasons You Should Feel So Proud of your Postpartum Body

1: You Just Did That

When you look at that round tummy, yeah, the one that didn’t flatten out immediately after birth, you shouldn’t see it as something “you’ve got to get rid of quickly.”

You should see a body that just brought another human being into the world.

Stop and think about that for a minute. Your body stretched to accommodate a small human, carried it for ten months, and then pushed that little one out (or not).

Do not allow the shallow standards of our current society to alter the perspective of something that’s been around since the beginning of time.

Sister on Instagram with the perfect, huge house and flawless look can’t touch the fact that you just journeyed back to the beginning of time and accomplished what mothers accomplished centuries ago.

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2: Your Strength Is In Your Perspective

You should be proud of your postpartum body because of your perspective. How you view yourself and your “new look” is so important.

Instead of seeing that pooch that isn’t going down as fast as you think it should, view it as your body slowly healing and getting back to normal after ten months of rapid growth and change.

Racing from the delivery room to your workout mat to do crunches is only telling yourself that it’s not about healing, it’s about looking, which messes with your esteem.

See, your body just needs a break now. So give it that. You don’t have to focus on the “weight” right now.

What signal are you sending yourself? You’re basically saying that postpartum healing doesn’t matter. Looks matter. More than anything.

And that’s a falsehood.

So turn your focus to the beauty of your accomplishment and into one of self care.

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5 Reasons To Love Your Postpartum Body

3: Your Body Is A Source of Comfort

It’s not just about you. Everything about pregnancy and childbirth prepares you for the fact that your world changes and focuses on your new baby, and your postpartum body is no different.

Your baby adores you, just as you are. Everything about you is everything your newborn needs and craves.

You’re their nurturer, nourishment, comfort, security, and complete sense of well-being.

It doesn’t matter to your baby that you have stretch marks, or a scar. They don’t even see that.

Everything about you is “Mama.” It’s their treasure.

That is something miraculously beautiful, and you should be proud.

4: You Deserve the Right to Be Confident

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We live in a world where confidence is wrapped up in outer appearances, comparisons, and a certain standard of “perfection” that is, for all intents and purposes, unattainable.

It’s really, really silly and immature.

You don’t deserve to be brought that low.

Instead, you deserve to wear the body you have proudly, without focusing on how it holds up against that rotten standard.

Getting so involved with meeting that standard is a good way to sacrifice your inner happiness.

You can see it in the false world of media, all around us.

It’s stressful, because they feel this unbearable pressure to look and present a certain way that’s next to impossible. They use every filter, every weird looking posture, every possible trick and tactic to appear that way.

That’s a lot of hard work for a bunch of fluff with no real value.

So just leave that all behind. As Dr. Seuss said: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those that mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

Most of us folks love you exactly for who you are, for your bravery and beauty and strength–not because you look a certain way.

Your family, spouse, friends, and even your children will feed off your confidence and self-portrayal.

So wear that pooch proudly, because it stands for one of the most heroic and sacrificial things a woman can possibly do!

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5 Reasons To Love Your Postpartum Body

5: Motherhood is No Place For Shallow Thoughts or Comparisons

Girl, you’re so far above all that!

You’ve got a baby in your arms! Your whole world is all about something so much deeper than looking a certain way!

What you have is the most beautiful gift of life. And you did that!

So let’s swap some stuff out.

Let’s swap out “weight-loss” and replace it with “healing.”

Let’s replaced “self-scrutiny” with “self-acceptance.”

And, finally, let’s kick out “disappointment and criticism”, replacing it with “accomplishment and strength.”

This isn’t about postpartum weight-loss. It’s about healing, the right way. It’s about true, honest self-care and self-acceptance.

Focus on “healthy,” not “skinny.”

Listen to your doctor, take care of your baby and your body, and work on feeling well, not looking well.

Making healthy decisions will reap physical benefits, but for the next while your focus should be all about your health and happiness, not on feeling thin enough or impressive enough with your body.

Forget about outside influences, comparisons, or silly societal pressure. It’s all a farce.

Instead, allow yourself the right and the honor of feeling so in love with your new one, with your amazing body that just did all this, and allow yourself the confidence and security that you’re stinking, crazy beautiful!

That pooch, those stretch marks, and all those changes are gorgeous! Look at what they represent!

I mean, seriously, sister. You’re one incredible human.

Give yourself that luxury. You so deeply deserve it.

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