5 Basic Baby Items That Make Mom Life Easier


There’s no doubt about it–mom life is miraculous, rewarding… and exhausting. You take on a little life to raise in the midst of everything else going on. While a lot of things get shoved to the back burner, there are so many responsibilities that are around to stay, regardless of baby. That’s why having these 5 Basic Baby Items That Make Mom Life Easier are worth their weight in gold.

I’ve listed 5 things that, as a new mom, I am so thankful to have around. I’ve also included links for you to add them to your registry, or simply order on your own, because goodness knows they are lifesavers!

First off, if you haven’t yet set up your Amazon baby registry, now is the time to do it! All of these items can be added to that registry and are reasonably priced which means you have a pretty good chance of scoring these gifts.

So go set up your Amazon registry, Sister!

You’ll thank me later.

5 Basic Baby Items That Make Mom Life Easier

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1.Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up-Floor Seat

Basic Baby Items Sit Me Up Floor Seat
More Colors Available

In the beginning, baby just slept. Then baby was awake and liked to lie on his back, looking at the world around him. After that came this strange, in-between time when baby was too big to enjoy lying about anymore and still too small to sit up and support himself.

I started searching for something baby could sit in that would support him but was small enough for him.

Enter the Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat. It was small and compact looking, could fold up and be stored away (a really big deal for me), and the price was right.

The Price is Right

If you’ve shopped around for baby seats, exersaucers and what-not, you know the prices are high–like really high. The Sit-Me-Up was a great price and the reviews were great, so I ordered it. Was I ever pleasantly surprised!

Kai took to it immediately. It’s soft and comfortable and has attached toys. It’s extremely light-weight and low maintenance. We actually took it with us on a road trip to Northern California. It seriously came in handy.

For all you busy moms out there who need something easy to set the littles in, the Sit-Me-Up is a go-to and a must have.

5 Basic Baby Items That Make Mom Life Easier

2. Play Yard

5 Baby Items that make Mom Life Easier Play Yard
More Colors Available

I wasn’t planning on getting one of these for baby. That all changed, one day, when Kai started sitting up on his own. We have hardwood floors, and, as you guessed, he teetered and toppled before I could catch him.

The telltale bonk followed by distressed wailing informed me he’d bumped his head, despite my placing pillows around him. He was uninjured but I nearly had a heart attack. I wasn’t cool with that being repeated.

I set about researching my options. A play yard or Pack ‘n Play was the obvious choice. After comparing prices, reviews and specs, I opted for the Delta Children Play Yard. It’s 3 square feet which is actually quite roomy, and easily packed away.

Now, when Kai topples over, he harmlessly lands on the bottom mat or mesh walls, and he still has enough room to crawl around and play with his toys. This mama can breathe a sigh of relief.

I’m now converted and believe a play yard is a mama must-have.

3.Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Check out these muslin swaddles at Aden and Anais

5 Basic Baby Items Muslin Blankets
A LOT More Colors and Styles Available

I fell in love with muslins long before Kai ever arrived. They are beautiful and so lightweight. There was no question they were perfect for our baby in the Southern California weather but I had no idea how handy they’d actually be.

Muslins are superhero blankets that can do many amazing things. First, they swaddle your baby nicely. Next, they lay easily over anything, like a baby carrier, to provide shade or shelter but are thin enough for plenty of airflow.

They also make fantastic nursing covers. Just tie two corners together around your neck and you’ve got an ample cover that’s also lightweight (nursing can get hot and uncomfortable, fast).

I tried several nursing covers I was given, and I always went back to the muslin blankets. Why pack an extra item in my diaper bag when I could use one item for two purposes?

Can I get an “Amen?”

They’re Great for Decorating

They also look beautiful wherever they’re stored. Kai’s nursery has a vintage plane theme with brushed metal and deep blue hues. I took a metal pail, rolled a few matching muslins up and stuck them upright inside the pail and the effect was amazing.

Muslin blankets are also extremely photogenic. You can so easily create an earthy, homespun feel for a baby picture with the right color muslin blanket, or an airy, light effect. They drape beautifully because of the weight of the fabric.

On a simpler note, they’re just plain gorgeous draping from your arms when you’re holding baby.

They’re still my go-to after all these months. My favorite brand, so far, is Aden and Anais. Their muslins are soft and extra roomy, and the colors and fabrics are classy and timeless.

If you’re a new mama, take my word for it. Get a muslin or two.

2020 Update: My son is now 19 months old and I still rely on muslins. They’ve proven to be a long-term must-have!

5 Basic Baby Items That Make Mom Life Easier

4. Burp Cloths

5 Basic Baby Items Burp Cloths
More Colors Available

So this one may seem obvious, but if you’re a new mommy, you’re going to be tempted when you’re in a hurry to not bother grabbing a burp cloth on your way out the door, thinking you can just use a corner of the blanket or a wipe. They’re so basic you can do without, right?

Don’t do it.

Kai is a breastfed baby, so I can’t speak for formula, but there are times when his spit up is rancid. You do not want that stuff all over your blankets, and you’ll wear it before you have time to grab a wipe. Burp cloths are made to stand up to the extra usage. They are worth the buy.

Not only that, but even baby drool will leave a spot on your clothes. While it’s unavoidable and a “badge of honor” as my husband calls it, you may not want drool spots on your more temperamental clothes.

You may not like how it looks, but draping a burp cloth over your shoulder will protect your clothes–most of the time. There are no guarantees when it comes to babies!

I use the Burt’s Bees burp cloths. I’m actually crazy about Burt’s Bees Baby clothing in general, and their burp cloths are no less wonderful. They are extremely soft, organic cotton, and pretty thick, as well. They stand up to extensive washing, and they have vertical seams in them which help them fold perfectly.

They’re cute enough that you don’t feel like you’re draping a cloth diaper over your shoulder (that is one method, though). I purchased a pack, and then after about two weeks, I purchased a whole lot more. Burp cloths are essential and quickly earned their way onto the mama must-haves list.

5. Diaper Pail

5 Basic Baby Items Diaper Genie

There is no way I’d consider not having a newfangled diaper pail. Sorry. Poopy diapers are pretty cute…the first week.

Just wait several months until baby starts on solids.


I don’t even want to imagine how the nursery would smell without our Diaper Genie. It does a marvelous job containing the odor.

However, the name-brand refills are rather expensive, so I set about finding ways to cut our costs down.

I tried the garbage bag hack…meh.

Garbage bags don’t really hold much more than the normal refills, they’re a total pain if you don’t stuff them into the circular refill container juuust so, and they can get pretty pricey, too.

The best solution I’ve recently found is a generic brand of refills on Amazon. They work perfectly with the Diaper Genie and you get more refills for the price. I personally found it easier than getting my fingers chewed up trying to stuff garbage bags into a re-used cartridge. I’ll post a list of generic brand refill options below for you to compare.

I haven’t tried any other diaper pails so I can’t effectively give a comparison analysis. However, Diaper Genie is on the bestseller list. From what I’ve experienced, I can see why. It’s easy to use and refill, and tossing diapers is essentially hands free with a foot pedal. Having a Diaper Genie, or at least some sort of odor eliminating diaper pail, is a must. Just try without one for a while and you’ll see why.

1120 Count (least expensive)

2020 Update: After going through 2 foot pedal-operated Diaper Genie Pails, we have switched to the classic design Diaper Genie (you push the diapers into the pail yourself) with much better results. The foot pedal-operated Diaper Genie’s both broke within a few months of use.

That’s 5 Basic Baby Items That Make Mom Life Easier

Some of these items are the kind you wonder if you really need. That’s why I’ve created this list. It’s because most of these items didn’t seem essential to me… until Kai was born. It was purely trial and error. While not every item listed here may be a must-have for you, take what you’ve read here and apply it to your own baby planning lists. You’ll do great!

You got this, Mama!

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