4 Constructive Toys For Baby


Toys. Wow. If we aren’t careful, they spread like ivy. Before you know it, your house is covered with them. There are ridiculous amounts of toys from everywhere. So, how are you supposed to decide which toys to put on the registry? Mama Fearless to the rescue! I’ve listed 4 Constructive Toys For Baby.

These are not only adorable, they present learning concepts to your baby as well. I can speak from current experience that these toys have captured our baby’s interest, engaged him and have been overall healthy additions.

In our family, we all (myself, my husband and our nearby relatives) have committed to ensuring the toys we buy for our son serve a purpose. Babies develop and change each day.

We don’t want to merely distract Kai with mindless objects, but to engage him, challenge him, and help him grow.

These 4 Constructive Toys For Baby have ticked all the boxes (I’ve also included the links for you).

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4 Constructive Toys For Baby

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1: Popular Toy

Fisher Price Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym

There’s a reason why this toy has made many “top items” lists.

You can introduce the Kick N’ Play to Baby early and adjust it as they grow. It comes with a colorful mat for Baby to lie on, a little piano that has 3 settings (4 according to Fisher Price), and an arch with 5 attachable, interactive toys.

What makes the Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym unique is the different ways you can convert the toy to fit your baby’s needs. During infancy, your baby can lie on the mat and interact with the toys attached to the arch.

This toy also works as a wonderful incentive for tummy time. The piano can attach at the back so that your baby can kick at the keys with their feet. I found that Kai enjoyed just gazing at all the colors on the mat at first.

At about 8 to 10 weeks he began to enjoy watching and listening to the piano (on the first setting it plays music and lights up). We offered him the interactive toys to play when he grew more curious. His favorites were–hands down–the mirror and the crinkle panda.

As your baby grows, you can adjust the Kick ‘n Play so that baby can sit up and play the piano at the front of the mat. You can also move the arch so that it hangs over the piano, allowing baby to interact with the toys at the same time.

The second keyboard setting introduces them to 5 colors, animals and animal sounds as well as some musical riffs. It can also be turned to a simple, piano-only setting for baby to experiment with the sounds.


The piano is completely detachable. It can be easily separated completely from the frame. The piano is small and relatively flat, which means it fits efficiently just about anywhere.

The arch sets into basic holders on each side of the frame and set just about anywhere. When Kai wanted to sit up but wasn’t stable enough to stay up on his own, we secured him in his baby chair and pushed the arch up to him.

He was thrilled to be able to sit up and have something to play with.

The toys are detachable. When we went on a long road trip, we attached the crinkle panda to his car seat handle. We heard crinkling nearly the entire drive up to Northern California, which we’d gladly take over tears.

Overall, the Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym is the type of toy that engages your growing baby through many stages. It’s an efficient toy that will save you from feeling like you need to buy 10 different kinds of the same item.

Something that I personally appreciate is that it folds up and can be easily stored.

2: Busy Toy

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

This. Thing. Is. Amazing.

It’s essentially a baby walker with a face full of learning and busyness. From musical notes, to shapes and colors and all in between, this baby walker (and then some) is one of Kai’s favorites.

He’s not walking yet, so he sits in front of the walker and goes to town. He’ll spend quite a while completely intrigued by the buttons and contraptions. His favorites are the yellow door (it “creaks” when it’s opened) and the cow (he has started “mooing”).

That doesn’t stop him from dancing to the tunes and pressing the piano keys.

I can personally say that I’ve seen an improvement in Kai’s ability to play with the smaller knobs and pulls as he’s practiced. It’s been great for honing his fine motor skills.

I’m not going to take a medical stance on the subject, of course, but he has certainly loved pushing, pulling and spinning all the gadgets.


The front face with all of the buttons is detachable from the walker itself so Baby can also play with it lying flat.

The walker has breaks which is nice if you want to use the walker as an easel to hold the face steady before Baby is walking, allowing him to sit in front of it.

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3: Unique Toy

Schoenhut Mini Baby Grand

This one surprised us. It was a gift from Kai’s auntie, and his first exposure to it was as a photo prop. We were not expecting him to take to like he did.

When he discovered the sounds he could make it became a fast favorite.

The piano is a beautiful toy in the shape and form of a baby grand. The keys are thick and make a tingling piano sound. It’s a sturdy toy which we particularly appreciate because it doesn’t slide when Kai leans on it for support–at least for now.

I was fascinated to see that this piano comes with its own patented learning system. You’ve heard of “paint by number”… well, this system essentially teaches your toddler to “play by color”.

The piano includes a card insert and a piano play book of simple songs. The insert sets behind the piano keys, giving each key a color, and teaches your little one how to play by associating colors.

While this is obviously for when your tot is a little older, they can play the piano as soon as they’re able to reach the keys.

The piano keys on this toy are the actual size of standard piano keys. Talk about great exposure!


The design of the keys is to accustom your little to what an actual piano feels like for the future. Nope, I sure don’t believe in forcing your child to play an instrument they absolutely do not want to play, but giving them this opportunity to explore creativity and music is pretty amazing–and the price isn’t bad at all.

The Schoenhut Schoenhut Mini Baby Grand Piano is a wonderful idea for an electronic-free way to learn and explore and heighten that beautiful sense of creativity.

4: Sturdy Toy

Indestructibles Baby Books

When Kai was first given one of these books as a gift, my heart jumped to my throat. A serious book lover, I was raised to treat books with respect. I wasn’t given books that could tear or damage easily until I was old enough to properly care for them. I have done the same for my son.

However, while this book looks sweet and fragile like all others, it is most definitely not.

These books are apart of something called “Indestructibles” and they mean what they say. They are tear proof, water-proof and chew-proof…and completely washable.

I don’t want to give you any false impressions. These books will get rumpled and wadded up. Your baby will go to town on them, and the books will show it.

I remember watching my son tug and pull at one for the first time and fought the urge to take it away. No harm done. He has several of these books and none of them are torn or permanently damaged.

Made with Integrity

Furthermore, the colors are and pages are made out of non-toxic materials, so your baby can chew away.

This is a wonderful way for your baby to explore books and the nature of actual pages. Kai loves his Indestructibles and now holds the book open and gazes at the pages, making “ooh’s and aah’s”.

It won’t be long before he’s reading to Mommy and I couldn’t be happier.

Indestructibles is another electronic-free way to let Baby explore and grow, and the price for these books is surprisingly low.


If you want to straighten the books back out, simply straighten the pages and stretch them (like you would a dollar bill). If they get really rumpled, set something heavy on them for a few minutes to flatten the pages.

You don’t really need to do this. I’m just a bit freakish about it. The books are perfectly fine to be rumpled and wrinkled.

Take Note: Some books do not come with words. I’ve linked several books below that do have words for Baby to see and read.

Thanks for reading about these 4 Constructive Toys For Baby. May you and your little enjoy playing together!

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