3 Tips on Organizing Baby Toys and Gifts


Welcome to: 3 Tips on Organizing Baby Toys and Gifts! With the holidays around the corner, I’m sure your babies’ Christmas has already crossed your mind. If you’ve been a mom for any length of time, you know how fast and out-of-control all those toys and gifts get–and not just at Christmastime, either!

In fact, this concept came to me while I was presenting my son with a new toy a few days ago, one he’d gotten–yes–for his birthday in June! I’ll explain more about that later.

I’ll be honest and say that I used to get so frustrated by the ridiculous amount of presents my son received from friends and family–seemingly all the time. Yes the gesture was sweet, but who was the one who had to keep the house from getting cluttered and maintain all those toys?

3 Tips on Handling All Those Baby Toys

Me, thank you very much.

But, after some thought, I realized that this is just an outpouring of love and I certainly didn’t want to be a killjoy over it all. It’s a blessing that Kai gets to feel that kind of generosity.

Instead of me trying to control everyone else, which is silly, I came up with these ideas to maintain control of my home and sanity. I hope they help you as well!

Let’s get started on 3 Tips on Organizing Baby Toys and Gifts

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Mom tips and tricks to stop all those Christmas and birthday presents from taking over your house!

Tip #1: Baby Doesn’t Need Every Gift Right Away

One of the most important things I could convey here at 3 Tips on Organizing Baby Toys and Gifts is that your baby doesn’t have to have every single gift immediately.

Save yourself some sanity!

Here are some ways to sort through the mountain of presents baby will most likely receive from friends and family.

1. Sort the gifts by age

Many of the presents baby will receive are a little bit too advanced for him right now. If they have a lot of small pieces or are too challenging for baby right now, then just leave it in the packaging and store it away for later.

When baby gets older, he’ll love having something new to enjoy and appreciate!

2. Sort the gifts by baby’s development

While the age on the packaging may say that it’s okay for right now, your baby may not be ready for it. If the pieces are a little small and your baby likes to explore by putting everything in her mouth, it’s probably a good idea to wait on that toy.

You’re the mama. You know better than anyone what your baby is ready for.

3. Sort the gifts by what you’re okay dealing with right now

Some of Kai’s toys were fine as far as age and development, but I still put them away for later. Why? Well, because if he already had a similar toy, I wasn’t going to open up another one. .

Some of his toys came with 10 or more pieces. I was only okay with him having 1 or 2 of those at a time. You have to clean up. It’s okay if you decide to wait on those 20-piece sets!

Okay, let’s look at some ways to clear out and keep (relatively) clutter-free!

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Tip #2: It’s Okay To Get Rid Of Stuff!

Guess what? It isn’t really necessary to keep every single toy until it falls apart! Your tot most likely has a few favorites, but I promise you they don’t remember every single toy they have.

If you decide to de-clutter as you go, they won’t even notice. .

Here’s some tips I discovered to get rid of toys.

1. The Swap-Out rule

For every new toy I pull out and give to my son, one of his older toys has to go. I go for one of the toys at the bottom of the toy bin that hasn’t been touched in ages.

If it’s been around for awhile and I haven’t seen him playing with it, it’s time to move on.

2. Sell those toys or give them to charity:

I will typically sell his old toys at a yard sale. It’s a good way to make a little side cash! I’ve also set a few toys aside for this upcoming Christmas, and Kai will be donating them to charity for the holidays.

This is a tradition we’re starting each year.

Tip #3: Stop Feeling Guilty!

It’s very interesting how we so easily feel guilty about monitoring our kids’ lives. Why is that? I’m not exactly sure, but the guilt is misplaced and utterly ridiculous.

Our children are so blessed and cared for. Taking away a few forgotten toys is not going to deprive their childhood.

Let’s be honest. Most kids already have so much as it is. Here are a few things I had to learn when it came to toy control.

1. YOU, Mama, are in control!

Your tot depends on you to make decisions that help him grow into a healthy human-being. You are the caretaker, the nurturer, the cleaner, and the every source of baby’s well-being.

It’s up to you to make sure your home is happy and healthy. Most of us aren’t happy when we’re tripping over stuff, struggling to maintain the upkeep of our homes.

It’s really healthy to make choices and establish methods that keep your job easier!

2. You aren’t depriving your child by taking away a toy!

Wow, just saying that shows how easily we get wrapped up in these weird emotions. Your tot has plenty of toys. In fact, most of what they consider toys are probably household objects, anyway–plastic food containers, drink coasters, the computer mouse…

My son has a blast with blender whisks and a metal spaghetti strainer! So, no, I don’t feel like I’m depriving my child when I pack away the occasional, forgotten toy.

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3. My child isn’t entitled to every toy he has ever laid eyes on.

What kind of person would I be raising if I let that rule me?

Giving him everything all at once, all the time, without any form of moderation is going to create a massive problem.

While it’s not always easy making those decisions for my tot who doesn’t understand, I’m not all that interested in giving him everything he could ever want.

I’m more interested in a happy, content little human with morals, values and a sense of moderation… in a livable house.

So now that we’ve explored some tips and ideas for toy control, where to store those toys? Here are a few of my methods. I hope they help you!

Collapsible Bins

These things are amazing! I bought several, neutral-colored collapsible bins and placed them strategically around my house. Kai gets 2 in his room–one for books and one for toys.

Another one goes in a corner of the living room. The only toys allowed in the living room are what fit in that bin. If it gets too full, I swap stuff out and extra toys go back into the bedroom.

Check out these collapsible storage bins (they come in kids’ colors too!)

Recycled Diaper Boxes

This is a great way to store toys without spending an extra dime! After doing a toy purge, I store those toys in empty diaper boxes. I label what’s inside, and then these boxes go into the garage for the next yard sale or donation. Super easy and hassle free!

Closet Storage

One space in Kai’s closet is designated for the toys he hasn’t yet been given. Once in a while I’ll go into his closet and retrieve a new toy–typically as a reward for good behavior.

He gets to open the toy and enjoy it like it’s his birthday or Christmas all over again! It’s so much fun!

These toys can be stored in a collapsible bin, or in a little container or shelf inside the closet.

I’ve heard of mothers storing new toys in the garage and that’s great too! Wherever you have the space!

Check out these closet storage bags! They’re great for toys, clothes, diapers and other supplies!

I hope you’ve found this helpful and encouraging. I hope, more than the tips and tricks, that you feel encouraged as a mom to do whatever you feel is best–guilt free!

Stay fearless!

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