28 Life Saving Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom


We all know if you ask Mom, “What do you want for Christmas?” her response will be something like, “I don’t need anything. I have everything I need…” While it’s so sweet and totally expected from Mom, it sure doesn’t make things easy! So let’s look at 28 life saving Christmas gift ideas for Mom.

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28 Life Saving Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

28 Life Saving Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

Fashionable Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

Shopping Spree

Nothing spells FUN more than a well-planned shopping spree gift! A batch of gift cards to her favorite shops will certainly make her day. This is a fun group gift!


Of all the things that get beat up and need replacing, a wallet ranks top 3. It’s easily forgotten…until it’s time to pay. Then all those rips and flaws and the forever-lodged driver’s license is an annoying reminder.

Make it easy for mom. Replace her wallet for her with something gorgeous and classy.

Purse, Scarf and Gloves Combo

By themselves they are beautiful and lovely wintry gifts. In a combo, however, it’s straight next level. A combo of color-coordinated purse, scarf and gloves is a gorgeous Christmas gift idea for mom.

Personalized Phone Case

A phone case with the favorite family photo, Mom’s favorite verse or phrase, or even a piece of sheet music to her favorite song is a fun gift that shows effort and extra thoughtfulness.

Self Care and Relaxation Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

Spa Day Gift Card

Give mom the gift of relaxation for Christmas. A gift card to her favorite salon, spa or massage parlor will definitely make her day.

Slippers, Socks and Robe Combo

There is nothing more relaxing on a rainy or snowy day than snuggling up with a cuddly robe and pair of comfy slippers. Add that to her morning cup of coffee and you’ve just given Mom the best Christmas gift ever!

This robe comes in a ton of different colors and styles!

These slippers are stinking CUTE!

Spa Gift Basket

Sometimes having a home spa day is better than going anywhere. A gift basket with self-spoiling treats like bath salts, facials, specialty scrubs and lotions does the trick.

Make it even more thoughtful and make them yourself! Here are several ideas on creating your own natural, healthy spa treatments!

Snack Basket

A snack basket? Really? Well, if you toss a Snickers and a bag of Cheetos into a box, then, yeah.

But let’s take it to the next level. What are Mom’s 5 favorite snacks or treats? What are her top 2 favorite beverages?

Get a BUNCH of her favorite snacks and pile them high in a pretty basket. Add some festive tissue, a big bow, and even some cellophane wrap. Make it cute! Seriously, a basket loaded with her favorites means a LOT.

It shows you’ve taken the time to care about what she loves and actually go get those specific items.

Cozy Throw Blanket

It’s the classic gift of comfort and warmth, and it’s perfect for Christmas.

House Cleaning Voucher

Want something unconventional yet amazing? Find a highly-rated house cleaning company and get Mom a voucher!

I mean…

Get ready to be the MVP.

Car Detail Voucher

Does Mom love keeping her car spiffy and shiny? That takes work! Do some research and find out where she likes to get her car washed and detailed, then get her a gift card.

Make it cute and creative by tucking the card inside a toy car with a bow on top.

Restaurant Gift Card

A night out is sometimes the best medicine. What is Mom’s favorite restaurant? A gift card there is a super great idea!


Remember that book Mom said she’s been meaning to get and read? Get it for her, and add some snacks!

Teacup and Steeper

If mom is a tea drinker, just remember… tea is an ART.

A beautiful teacup and steeper is such a thoughtful Christmas gift.

Fun and Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

Photo Customized Gifts

You can personalize so much these days. If this is Mom’s style, then you’ve got a lot of options! You can photo-customize things like:

  • Coffee Mugs
  • Thermoses
  • Blankets
  • House Décor
  • Apparel
  • Christmas Tree Ornaments

Keepsake Box

This is a precious gift to touch Mom’s heart.

This keepsake box is also a music box.

Framed Artwork

If you’re decent at some form art, creating a special piece just for Mom is a beautiful Christmas gift idea.

Not an artist? That’s okay! A beautiful print or special canvas makes a great gift!

Thermos, Notebook and Pen Combo

For the Mom-on-the-go. A color-coordinated thermos, notebook and pen trio is super cute and fun to unwrap.

Infusion Water Bottle and Lunchbox Combo

If Mom works or travels, this pair of gifts is thoughtful and fun for Christmas.

Kitchen Gadgets and Mom’s “Favorites” Christmas Gift Ideas

Air Fryer

Who doesn’t want an on-trend kitchen gadget? And who deserves it more than Mom?

Dutch Oven

These are so cute and functional! A Dutch oven is a fashionable and functional Christmas gift for Mom.


InstaPot is another kitchen appliance that has taken home cooking by storm. Of course it will make a lovely Christmas gift!

KitchenAid Mixer

Okay, speaking from experience, I gawked at the price of a KitchenAid at first.

And then I got one as a gift. No more gawking. It added a whole new level of convenience to baking. There’s a reason why KitchenAid has been around forever. These stand mixers are incredibly reliable, durable, and will last forever.

Budget-friendly tip: You can get these refurbished for a highly discounted price. Even the refurbished mixers are held to a high standard, which means they’re a reliable purchase.

French Press

Is Mom into artisan coffee? A French press is a creative and trendy Christmas gift idea.

It’s also adorable.

Specialty Coffee

Gourmet coffee would be PERFECT paired with the French press, or simply wrapped in a cute Christmas bag all on its own!

Long Distance Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

Family Photo Canvas

Nothing is sweeter when Mom lives far away than receiving a Christmas canvas of the family. Cute poses with the kiddos or candid shots translate beautifully on a canvas.

Pro-tip: This one takes some prep time. Give yourself at least 3-4 weeks to get that canvas out, just in case!

Harry and David Basket

If you aren’t familiar with Harry and David, you’ve got to go take a look! Harry and David is a company that creates beautiful and tasteful gift baskets of fruit, chocolate, cookies and other delicious treats.

They are beautifully arranged, packaged and sent with class. The make gorgeous and impressive Christmas gifts.

Surprise Visit

This is a fun one, but it takes planning! It can be either a visit from you and the family, or a visit from her to you.

You can arrange with surrounding family members to surprise Mom for the holidays. To flip it around, provide Mom with a fuel gift card and some cash or an airline ticket so she can come to you!

Need some ideas for a Christmas gift for a mama-to-be? Get a bunch here!

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