20 Epic Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Pregnant Friend


Christmas gift planning can get pretty stressful on its own. So, what about your pregnant friend? I mean, it’s the most wonderful time of the year during an amazing journey of her life, right? No pressure. If you’re sweating about what to get your pregnant friend, I’ve got you covered! Here are 20 epic Christmas gift ideas for your pregnant friend.

By the way–there’s something to keep in mind. You might decide to get one of these gifts for her (there are a LOT of good ideas), or you might get some inspiration and do something on your own. Just keep this in mind:

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, but it’s easy to forget about the fact that mama is still a person with her own identity apart from bumpy. All to often, friends buy baby clothes or baby items for their pregnant friend, and while this is exciting, it can get a little old, too.

The key to an epic gift is spoiling mama with something that focuses on HER. So here are some Christmas gift ideas that do just that.

20 Epic Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Pregnant Friend

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20 Epic Gift Ideas for Your Pregnant Friend

Self-Care and Comfort Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Pregnant Friend

1: Slippers and Comfy Maternity Robe

It’s sad when her favorite robe no longer closes around bumpy. After all, a robe is a wardrobe staple during pregnancy.

A cozy maternity robe and some matching fuzzy socks would be lovely and cuddly for mama-to-be.

2: Pregnancy Pillow

Sleep gets harder and harder to find as pregnancy progresses. If you’ve ever had a baby, you know–you’ve been there!

A pregnancy pillow helps support mama’s back and hips, aligns her pelvis and also support her while sleeping on her side (which is safest for baby).

I stand by the Leachco Snoogle. It saved me during both pregnancies and was amazing to have during postpartum recovery, as well.

3: Spa Day Supplies

It doesn’t need to be a gift card to a spa (although that is nice). A basket full of pregnancy-friendly ingredients, masks, scrubs and other nice things will remind mama to take some time out for her, too.

If you’d like some ideas on organic, wholesome spa treatments and recipes you can do at home, you can get them here.

4: Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils can be seriously iffy during pregnancy. Some smells are just out. Others are irreplaceable. It’s probably not a shopping risk you want to take.

A nice essential oil diffuser, however, would be a wonderful gift for mama-to-be. You can take it to the next level by getting one that puts off soft light to help create a relaxing atmosphere.

Then, mama can choose her own oils and diffuse them with her pretty gift from you!

5: Birthing Ball

Despite the fact it’s known as a “birthing” ball, it is nothing short of a LIFESAVER during pregnancy.

A birthing ball is extremely comfortable for mama to sit and do some easy exercises to relax and get some relief.

It’s amazing because it provides hip and back support, aligns the pelvis, and is just wonderful to sit on, too.

A birthing ball is also a wonderful tool to have on hand during labor.

Encouraging and Reflective Christmas Gift Ideas

6: Affirmations

This is an EPIC Christmas gift idea for your pregnant friend because it is such a powerful tool to remind her how strong and capable she truly is.

While it’s focused on pregnancy and childbirth, it’s still an incredible and empowering confidence booster for mama.

This book of pregnancy and childbirth affirmations comes with Bible verses and an area for notes to give mama that much more love and strength.

As far as Christmas gifts go, this one is easy and extremely thoughtful.

7: Journal

Pregnancy is a beautiful time of reflection, especially during the holidays. There’s just something about Christmas that brings nostalgia and anticipation.

A beautiful journal and matching pen is always a sweet and thoughtful Christmas gift that blesses and brings a smile.

8: “Beautiful” Reminder

Pregnancy is certainly a time when mama can use a confidence boost.

Unwrapping a special wall photo or decorative nick-knack that tells her she’s beautiful is a great way to bring a smile.

It will also serve as a much-needed reminder during her pregnancy.

Here’s a simple, motivational decorative canvas to give you an idea.

Mama Time Christmas Gift Ideas

9: Pregnancy Massage

This one may take a little research, but there are places where a mama-to-be can get a special pregnancy massage.

These are INCREDIBLE for relaxation, rest, and overall wellness.

You’ll need to do your homework and call massage parlors around mama’s location to make sure they specialize in pregnancy massages.

10: Pedicure

Of all the body parts, feet sure take a beating during pregnancy. From aching to swelling, it can get pretty uncomfortable.

A pedicure gift card for Christmas would be a lovely treat for mama.

11: Maternity Shopping Spree

Watching your clothes get smaller and smaller is tough. To add insult to injury, maternity clothes aren’t cheap.

It’s a travesty, really, since parents-to-be are already spending quite a bit in preparation for baby.

You can help out by giving a gift card to her favorite maternity shop.

12: Hair Wash

It’s not so common, but it’s oh-so-wonderful. A professional hair wash is AMAZING for the scalp!

Your pregnant friend will adore you for thinking of her and getting her a pregnancy-friendly hair spoiling for Christmas.

20 Epic Christmas gift ideas for your pregnant friend

Favorite Things and Fun Times Christmas Gift Ideas

13: Cravings Box

This is one of the rare times when a basket of pickles, eggs and ice cream will get you a massive “thank-you” hug.

No, but seriously, a fun goodie basket of all your friend’s cravings is a fun way to spoil her and show her you’re tuned in to her life, too.

14: Favorite Books

Taking time to put her feet up will always be a challenge.

A good way to encourage that is to get her that novel she’s been wanting to read for forever.

Note: Unless she asks specifically for a pregnancy book, don’t get her one. She’s probably already been inundated with those gifts and suggestions.

15: Favorite Pregnancy-Friendly Restaurant

A night out for a meal that she doesn’t have to cook?


Spoil her with a gift card to her favorite restaurant.

No-Cost But Still Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Pregnant Friend

Want to stick to budget-friendly gifts? No problem! Don’t we all???

Here are some ideas that don’t cost wads of cash.

16: “Acts of Service” Voucher

Swap out cash for some of your time. Create a super cute card with a list of chores you’re willing to do for your pregnant friend.

Get this free chores voucher download!

Give times and dates when you’re available for a chore. She can “book” her appointment to use up a chore on her voucher.

Fewer gifts on the planet will mean more to her than that!

17: Pregnancy Recipe Book

Research several, yummy looking dishes that are rich in pregnancy-friendly ingredients.

Create a cute recipe book (you can decorate a binder or notebook) and write in each recipe.

Include what ingredients she’ll need, the cooking/baking instructions, and even add a little note on what great nutrients each dish has for her pregnancy.

18: Maternity Photo Shoot

If you’re camera savvy, you can offer to take some cute photos of your gorgeous pregnant bestie.

You can even use an iPhone and some nice filters. Drive her to a pretty location and help her capture some irreplaceable memories.

19: Free Night of Baby-Sitting

Please. Do. This.

The later in her pregnancy, the better! Offer to take her kiddos for a few hours so mama can pamper, enjoy a night out, or just crash.

20: Prepped Freezer Meals

It’s tough enough getting through the day. Then, once she’s home, it’s time to prepare dinner for the family.

That can quickly get exhausting.

Help mama out by making some frozen meals she can heat up for the family.

This is the EPIC Christmas gift idea for postpartum, too!

Love and Cheer

No matter what you decide to do for your pregnant friend, just remember that love, cheer and encouragement goes a REALLY long way.

Anything that helps her relax, smile, feel beautiful, or makes life a little easier will be greatly appreciated.

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