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Hi Everyone!

I’m Elizabeth, the author and creator of Mama Fearless. No–I’m not Mama Fearless–that’s all you! This site was intentionally created for you, to encourage and inspire you to mom courageously. It’s always been my dream to write and create content to uplift and encourage readers, to create passion and fiery determination. That’s why I’ve also published 3 books, dedicated to you!

Simply Mama Fearless is a one-day read (because, seriously, who needs another textbook to get through when you’re exhausted and nauseated?) to encourage you and offer you support that you just might actually know what you’re doing. You’ll get friendly support based on my own adventures–without a single bit of medical advice or birthing judgment.

50 Affirmations is a Scripture-based devotional, created for the sole purpose to uplift and strengthen you. You’ll find 50 REALISTIC affirmations, complete with scriptures and a place to write your own thoughts and notes on each one.

SWAYW is all about the condition of a girl’s heart using all the girlish imagery of tea parties and dresses. This is a great Christian resource for those seeking to adorn themselves with a Christ-minded spirit.

Mama Fearless Book Reviews

“I am so excited to read this book, I just ordered mine! I’ve read all of Simple Mama Fearless posts on her blog. She is inspiring to read and super encouraging! Can’t wait!” 

-Amazon Reader

“Mama Fearless is simply encouraging! I am a faithful reader of her blog. Though I do not have children, I am inspired by her simple encouragement to women. This woman is truly fearless, you’ll know what I mean when you read her birth story. I am buying this book for my pregnant friends… but first I’ll grab a cup of tea and read!” 

-Amazon Reader

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