10 Second Pregnancy Differences


10 Second Pregnancy Differences

My son was 11 months old. I was in the throes of planning his first birthday party. What I did not expect was a surprise “positive” pregnancy test. I was aghast.

Two under two? Granted, only for a short while, but still.

My husband and I weren’t even discussing a second baby until our first was closer to two, or maybe even older!

Ready or not, it was here!

I am now full-term, waiting the arrival of our little any day. While I’m waiting for D-day, I thought I’d share the freshest of fresh lists of 10 Second Pregnancy Differences with all you mamas out there, since I’m literally living it as we speak.

Let’s get to it!

10 Ways Your Second Pregnancy Will Be Different

10 Second Pregnancy Differences

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1: You Might Miss The Signs!

This may not be true for every second-time mama out there, but for me this was a very real difference from my first pregnancy.

While planning for Baby #1, I was jumping at every symptom and every sign.

If my stomach gurgled in a different way, I was running to the bathroom to “check”.

I know a lot of you have been there!

With Baby #2, I totally didn’t even catch my pregnancy until I was over 6 weeks along. The big reason was obviously because, well, we weren’t planning a pregnancy.

But I was also very focused on the day-to-day with my son. He’d taken off learning and growing and I was doing my best to keep up.

I simply missed the signs my body gave me.

This might be you, too! If you’re chasing a toddler, or carrying a baby, or even carting a small child to Kindergarten, you can so easily miss the subtle signs of early pregnancy in your daily hustle.

2: The Fatigue Is REAL

Pregnancy brings its own fatigue with it, and it’s no joke. But add to it the extra work of chasing around Baby #1.

That just takes it to a whole new level.

The fatigue is no joking matter. Not only that, but there are less opportunities to crash since life must carry on. You are already a mama and that doesn’t change or lighten up just because you’re pregnant.

So… Dad? Care to help? This is where you can be a total hero.

10 Ways Dad Can Help Mom During Pregnancy

10 Ways Dad Can Help Mom During Pregnancy

Seriously, you’ll become a pro at finding little times to crash out… like snoring, drooling, sprawling catnaps that will last you until the next one you find.

Sorta like a treasure hunt… a super exhausted, sleepy hunt for a very rare treasure. Sleep.

10 Second Pregnancy Differences

3: You Might Show Sooner

I got looks and raised brows with my first baby at how much I showed early on.

With Baby #2 it started even earlier. That was a boost to my self-esteem, right? Ha!

No, honestly I’ve learned to laugh at that kind of thing and not let it get to me, and I’ve learned to love the transformations of my body. But that doesn’t mean I enjoy hearing all the remarks of how big I am.

And some of those remarks were rather rude.

You may find you show sooner with Baby #2. Your body has been through this before, and it’s now a super pro! It’s thinking, “oh, right! I know exactly what to do!”

If this happens to you, smile proudly and wear that bump. It’s so cute, and it’s proof that your body knows what it’s doing.

Just ignore the dumb comments.

4: More Cautious About Weight Gain

I’m just keeping it real, here. There’s no point in talking about pregnancy details if all I write is fluff.

I gained a lot of weight with my first son. Even though I stayed as active as I could, I swam, walked and carried on with life, I managed to pack on the pounds.

Pregnancy is just like that, sometimes. Each one is different and requires a huge amount of self-acceptance.

In my book, Simply Mama Fearless, I talk about my journey of self-acceptance and how I learned to view all those changes. It wasn’t easy but the journey taught me some highly valuable things.

During my second pregnancy, however, I couldn’t help feeling more cautious about weight gain. I simply didn’t want to pack it all on like I had during my first. It made me that much more careful about what I ate and giving in to sugary cravings.

You might find you worry a little more about your weight with Baby 2, especially if you gained a lot during your first pregnancy.

Reasons for this are:

  • You gained a lot more weight than you expected during your first pregnancy
  • Maybe you didn’t have a chance to lose all of your baby weight before you got pregnant again
  • You’re a little older now and may feel like it won’t come off as easily
  • Let’s just be real–you don’t want to gain as much weight this time around

Just do your best. Staying healthy is the most important thing. You’ll have double the opportunity to lose it once Baby arrives, since you’ll be chasing around two little ones!

10 Second Pregnancy Differences

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5: Increased Anxiety

This one was a shock to me. After going through all the “firsts” with my previous pregnancy and working through the newness, the last thing I expected was a heightened sense of anxiety during my second pregnancy.

I mean, my body knew what to do, so therefore my mind should be at ease, right?

Well, not exactly.

You can’t help but compare your pregnancies. It’s your mind’s way of collecting and processing information. Because each pregnancy has its own differences (and similarities, too) you can feel like you’re in a bit of a tailspin.

Combined with your relentless responsibilities it’s a wild ride.

Give your emotions and your self a break. The last thing you should be is harder on yourself just because you’ve been through this before. That’s not how it works, Sister.

Cry when you need to cry (without berating yourself). Soak in the tub when you need to soak (without a stitch of guilt). Speak encouragement to yourself. Just because it’s your second pregnancy doesn’t mean you’ve lost the right to need affirmation.

6: Delayed Prep

Remember your first pregnancy? You likely had your nursery all set up mere weeks after knowing your baby’s gender. Your hospital bag was likely propped by the door for over a month.

Well, that may not be the case during pregnancy 2 and if it isn’t, don’t fret. You’re certainly not alone.

With all you have on your plate, you’ll probably find that getting all those cute preparations in order gets moved to the back burner.

In fact, don’t be surprised if you find yourself waiting until the last minute.

It happens, Friend.

You’re familiar with the basic pattern of how things will unfold. You’ll recognize nesting when it hits, and you’ll have your hospital bag, diaper bag and anything else you need ready twice as fast.

Boost your Mama Confidence with this devotional for a fearless pregnancy.

You’re a pro!

7: Time Flies

It did for me. I spent my pregnancy juggling my priorities and chasing around a newly walking 1-year-old.

Before I knew it, I was in my third trimester. No cute little 4D ultrasound pics to see Baby 2’s face. No week-by-week photos of my growing bump (who am I kidding? I didn’t even accomplish that with Baby 1).

It just flew by. And I refuse to feel guilty about it.

There is no question that I love this second baby. But my first baby, the one on the outside, required my time and attention and when it came to trying to get an acceptable photo or schedule some fancy appointment, it just wasn’t in the works.

And guess what? I’m okay with that.

Don’t let the traditions and “pregnancy fads” cause you to feel guilty. If you’re foregoing them because you’re choosing to be a good and present mother to your firstborn, you should feel proud.

After all, this is the last season of just you and Baby 1. More on that later.

Do: Try and get at least some photos to chronicle your pregnancy. You’ll want the memories later!

10 Second Pregnancy Differences

8: You Don’t Need Half The Stuff You Did The First Time

My registry with Baby 1 was this expansive monster of a thing that grew and grew.

In fact, it turned into quite the learning experience. Read about what I learned in The Ugly Truth About Baby Registries.

The Ugly Truth About Baby Registries

With pregnancy 2? No registry. Zilch.

Well, let me qualify that. I’m having a second boy. If I were having a girl after having my son, things would be different.

But with Baby Boy 2, I found that I already had almost everything I need.

And the list is a fraction of the size of my first pregnancy.

You’re most likely going to choose “ease and organization” over “new and adorable” with your second pregnancy. Once you’ve lost enough socks, laundered all those outfits and stubbed your toe on all those toys, you’ve probably discovered that babies don’t really require everything society says they do.

Minimalist List of Newborn Essentials

The Minimalist List of Newborn Essentials

It’s a massive money-saver to think like that, anyway!

9: Braxton Hicks and All the Kicks

Remember when we talked about how your body remembers this process? Well, it remembers how to prep for labor, too.

Don’t be surprised if you feel Braxton Hicks earlier on in your pregnancy. You also may feel your baby’s movements sooner, simply because you know what to watch for.

I was the opposite when it came to feeling the kicks. I didn’t feel Baby 2 until after week 20. But Braxton Hicks? Those came much sooner for me.

Along with that came a good dose of false labor, too, which is currently where I’m at right this moment.

If you find that you have “real” contractions that never amount to the actual, real thing, no, you’re not hyping yourself up. There is such a thing as false labor, which is real contractions that stop after awhile.

It’s frustrating, but it’s the name of the game with pregnancy 2 in a lot of cases.

10: Fierce Bonding with Baby 1

I’m not sure exactly when it hit, but starting somewhere during trimester 3 I found myself bonding with my first son in an almost frantic way.

The realization that soon I would have two boys, that we were going to become a family of four from here on out, was an emotional process.

It’s made me crawl on the floor with my son, huffing and puffing and aching, to play with his cars. It’s caused me to ride the kiddie rides at a theme park at 30 weeks pregnant with him.

Then there are those times when I lift him up to change his diaper or put him in the car seat and just stop for a minute to squeeze him extra tight and beg for kisses.

It’ll hit you, too. Just go with it. You might let your little get away with more than they ought. That’s okay. This is a passing time, and there’s no going back. Get all the snuggles you can!

10 Second Pregnancy Differences

There’s my list of 10 differences I noticed during my second pregnancy. Now, there are more differences than that, but these are the ones that stuck out the most to me and had the biggest impact.

I hope they help you prepare for your growing family.

In my opinion, #10 is the most important change. Don’t let that one get by you!

Happy Child Growing, Mama!

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