10 Ideas for Christmas During Social Distancing


I think we can all agree that 2020 has been the strangest year of our existence. If not thee strangest, it’s among the top contenders. If you’re a mom in the middle of COVID craziness, then I’m sure the holidays have crossed your mind. It’s probably a stressful thought, too. Here are 10 Ideas for Christmas During Social Distancing, to keep the holidays special even during COVID restrictions.

From the looks of things, Social Distancing may be around for awhile, and even if things lighten up, there are almost guaranteed modifications that will be required.

Not only that, but this year may not be a happy one for many, as the economy has suffered and lives have been effected everywhere.

Here are 10 Ideas for Christmas During Social Distancing to spread some cheer and warmth to our neighbors, family and friends despite the strange circumstances.

10 Ideas for Christmas During Social Distancing

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10 Ideas for Christmas During Social Distancing

1: Virtual Caroling

Caroling is an age-old tradition that has been around for a good long while, kept alive by Charles Dickens classics and other great influences.

However, the actual act of caroling isn’t as common these days, which is actually a little sad.

Maybe, during this sad time, it’s time to bring it back?

How fun would it be to send out invitations to friends and family to join you for virtual caroling?

Trying to sing all together would get crazy on a video chat, as it takes a second to transmit the audio and would make it impossible to sing together, but there’s a simple solution.

Everyone could take turns singing a carol of their choice. The video chat host could also easily mute everyone else, freeing them to sing along at home without causing overlapping audio.

Seriously, how fun would “The 12 Days of Christmas” be on a video chat? Divide the days up and have each group sing a specific part. What a blast!

2: Make Small Christmas Gifts to Send By Mail

Store-bought treats and goodies are always fun, but there’s something heartwarming about hand-made items that took time and care to create.

A great way to include the kiddos and give them something fun to do for Christmas would be to have them hand make small Christmas gifts or crafts and send them out to friends and family.

Sort of like Christmas Valentines to spread warmth and love during a time that could easily be sad and discouraging.

10 Ideas for Christmas During COVID 19

3: Leave A Christmas Card for Delivery Workers

The only people on the planet who could hate Christmas more than the Grinch would have to be delivery and postal workers.

Can you just imagine the craze?

Especially this year, when people will be sending much more than usual due to social distancing guidelines and travel restrictions.

A great way to brighten the postal workers’ day would be to create Christmas cards for them, letting them know how appreciated and thought of they truly are.

10 Ideas for Christmas During Social Distancing

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4: Make Christmas Ornaments for Essential Workers

Handmade ornaments are adorable. There’s no two ways about it.

Get the littles involved and create special ornaments, cards and gifts for essential workers and personnel who probably won’t get the holiday off.

Goodness knows this has been a tough year, and an exhausting one for them as well.

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5: Create a Christmas Scavenger Hunt Around the House

Since a lot more things are happening at home, some fun and games are certainly in order.

A scavenger hunt is probably one of the funnest games for kids to play, and it’s free.

Divide the family into teams and give them lists of Christmas-themed items to find around the house. The winning team gets a plate of Christmas cookies, or a fun treat to enjoy.

Download this free Christmas Scavenger Hunt Game for the family!

6: Anonymous Cheer

Fewer things are more fun than getting something from an anonymous giver. The mystery adds to the experience.

Have your children choose several different families and secretly deliver goodies, gifts or something nice to them.

A fun way to deliver the treats would be to attach a note with a fun rhyme.

I’ve included a sweet little note that you can download and print and attach to your gifts.

10 Ideas for Christmas During Social Distancing

7: Drive By Caroling or Christmas Event

Baby showers, birthdays, and all sorts of events have been modified to “drive-by” events. It’s become a new way of hosting fun events this year.

It can easily by used during Christmas, too. We all love to go looking at Christmas lights, and something tells me this year will be a big one for that tradition, too!

You can add some extra fun by hosting a Christmas carol event, where your family stands outside and sings as people drive by.

This idea can be applied to all sorts of different ideas, like a living nativity, handing out Christmas cards, or drive by tree decorating.

Simply place a Christmas tree outside in the front yard and invite your friends and family to drive by and place an ornament on the tree.

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8: Hand-Made Christmas Decorations

Keeping the kids occupied is enough of a challenge as it is, but it can get especially tricky during winter.

Instead of all those gorgeous, perfect store-bought decorations, why not swap them out for an old-fashioned, home-spun Christmas?

Bring back paper chains, popcorn garland, and hand-made snowflakes so your kids can create Christmas.

Check out these adorable, button garlands to make at home by One Thousand Oaks home decor!

10 Ideas for Christmas During Social Distancing

9: Give to Charities or Food Drives

It goes without saying that this year will probably be a sad year for many. A lot of people have lost jobs, been forced to make severe changes, and lost loved ones.

If ever there was a time to teach your kids about giving, sharing, and contributing to others’ needs, it’s now.

Let your kids select some old toys, clothes, and other things to donate to charities.

Another great way to teach them compassion and generosity would be to organize food and clothing drives.

The cool part is that all the planning can be done virtually, and donation points can be set up so that people can donate while respecting social distancing guidelines.

Make a competition out of it, form teams, and have prizes. Turn this Christmas into one of the greatest years of generosity your family has ever experienced.

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10: Silly Christmas Photos

Laughter does good like a medicine. Nothing eases pain and sadness like a deep, rumbly belly laugh.

Come up with ways that your family can create laughs–maybe some silly Christmas photos, or funny little trinkets and riddles to send to folks who need a little bit of encouragement.

A smile, a chuckle, and a giggle can make a huge difference for someone out there.

10 Ideas for Christmas During Social Distancing

I hope these 10 ideas for a COVID Christmas ignites some serious inspiration for you and your family. We all know this year is going to be a little different, but that doesn’t have to mean bad.

Who knows? Maybe a silly, fun, generous, home-spun Christmas will end up being one of the sweetest and funnest Christmases your family has ever had.

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