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I’m Elizabeth, a coffee-loving boy mom and crash course student of two under two. Everything I write, from pregnancy and motherhood, on down to money and blogging tips, are things I’m learning as I go, in the moment, in real time. So, rest assured, Mama–you’re reading content that is literally as fresh as it gets! I LOVE connecting, so feel free to drop a comment or leave a note to simply say “hi.” Most importantly, stay fearless!

How Mama Fearless Got Started

After a discouraging fertility struggle, my husband and I received the amazing news that we were expecting! We were over the moon!

I started my pregnancy journey with hope and sparkles and enough anticipation for ten people. I was entering the motherhood chapter of life! Finally!

And then, some weird things started to happen. I quickly learned that society’s outlook on pregnancy and childbirth is a surprising mix of doom, fear, and loss of joy. Many people (that I didn’t even know, mind you) offered all sort of advice.

Almost all of it negative. I heard lovely things like, “life is over,” to “childbirth is the worst thing you’ll ever go through,” on down to, “are you sure you’re not having twins!?”

It was astounding to me how negative people’s outlook on pregnancy and motherhood was, and worse still, how freely people felt to talk about it.

I mean, here I was, just grateful to finally be expecting a healthy baby, and I was fighting off fear and discouragement–from complete strangers!

That’s when I knew something had to change. Something must be done. Mother’s deserve better than this. I might be one individual amongst 7 billion, but I’m still one person.

It was unavoidably clear that I needed to step up and do my part. Not just smile at other expectant mamas, but do something to make a difference in the life of every mama-to-be I possibly can.

It’s that serious for me. Mama Fearless was born.

Mama Fearless Culture

No, I’m not Mama Fearless. Most days, I’m Mama Terrified, but we can all work together to create a culture of confidence and uplift one another.

That’s what Mama Fearless is–a culture of strength, a culture of encouragement, and a culture of purpose.

At Mama Fearless we talk about it all–from pregnancy to childbirth, motherhood, and all things mom life. It’s positive and inspirational, a place where you aren’t alone.

It’s a place where you hopefully leave better than you came.

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